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Fun Basketball Drills for Kids

written by: jamesj • edited by: Stephanie Mojica • updated: 6/18/2010

Basketball drills teach fundamentals, that give children the skills to play the game and to enjoy playing. Drills need to be fun to keep interest going. Basketball drills for kids indeed teach the fundamentals, but the drills should be repeated often in order to develop skills further.

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    Drills should be fun

    It is important for children to develop basic basketball skills in order to play the game, and in order to enjoy it as much as possible. If the game is fun, they will keep playing, and if the basketball drills for kids are fun, they will keep doing them and continue to improve their skills.

    Basketball is one of those sports that a person can play until well into adulthood, and even as a senior citizen. The game promotes good health because it is so active, and just about anyone can shoot baskets regardless of their age or condition.

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    Teach children to dribble the ball with their fingertips, and not with the palm of their hand. This promotes better ball control. For this drill make two lines with children facing each other and have each one get a partner. Have them dribble the ball in front of each other, keeping an eye on the person in front of them. Have them try to knock loose the ball from their partner with their other hand while continuing to dribble their own ball.

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    Teach the proper method of shooting before starting shooting drills. If you have three baskets, divide your group into three. One basket is for free throws, one for layups, and one for general shooting. Each person in the group shooting free throws should take five shots. While this is going on, have the other two groups shoot as many shots as they can. Once the free throw group finishes, all the groups switch baskets. The idea is to take as many good shots as possible, so make sure they are shooting correctly.

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    No Hands Defense

    This drill teaches basic defensive agility. You may do a one on one, two on two, or even five on five. The point is for the player to stay between the person he is guarding and the basket. Start at the half court line and have one group work the ball toward the basket by passing and dribbling. The defenders are the main players in this drill. No hands are allowed, just have them stay in front of the dribbler. The only time they may use hands is when rebounding. You might start out with one on one to teach the technique, and have them go one at a time against a dribbler.

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    Pass it on

    Divide the group into groups of three to five children for this element of basketball drills for kids. Have each group pass the ball quickly to another person. Each person needs to catch the ball and pass it to another person in his or her group, but they may not pass it back to the person who passed to them. Have them go as fast as possible. You may want to have them dribble a couple of times between passes to make sure they have good control of the ball.

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