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Beginner Badminton Techniques

written by: micsan07 • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 5/28/2010

Badminton is a fun, energetic, and competitive sport. With a few beginner badminton techniques under their belt, any player can be off to a great start playing badminton.

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    Beginner Badminton Techniques

    In this article, the focus will be on beginner badminton techniques. Having to re-learn beginner basics just wastes time and energy that could be better utilized in playing the game itself, so getting it right from the beginning is best.

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    Holding the Racquet Correctly

    One of the very first steps every badminton beginner should know is how to hold the racquet correctly. This a technique that every beginner needs to practice until the feel is natural.

    First, hold the racquet out in front of your body so the head is vertical. Then, as if you are shaking hands, grip or hold the handle. It may not feel comfortable or right to start with and you may want to change your grip. Avoid the temptation as it will only lead you to bad habits. Learning this gripping technique will enable you to generate power into your shot when you play badminton.

    The other grip, the backhand, has the same "handshake" hold, however, the thumb moves flat to the side of the racquet instead of the top. These two grips are beginner badminton techniques that have to be learned correctly to play the game well.

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    Approaching the Shot

    Another beginner technique is learning how to approach your shot from a side-on position. Pointing or lifting your free hand as the shuttle flies towards you naturally places your body in a position to meet the shuttle and forces you to focus on the incoming object. The majority of people are right handed, so the left hand would be used to "point" at the shuttle as it approaches. Some people are self conscious when doing this, so an alternative to pointing would be to lift the arm in the direction of the opposing player. This alternative still naturally places the body in the correct position for the incoming shuttle and gives a direction focus.

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    Hitting the Shuttle

    When just starting to learn badminton, most are happy to hit the shuttle back over the net. However, learning to hit the shuttle correctly from the beginning will save you time in the long run.

    Keep your eyes on the shuttle at all times. This is a key component when playing badminton. As the shuttle comes towards you, move forward into the shot, hold the racquet correctly, and flick your wrist to hit it as far as possible. You need to put the weight of your body behind the shot, stand side-on to the net, and allow your body to turn counter-clockwise as you connect and hit the shuttle.

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    Serving can be an issue for beginners. It's hard to get enough power into the shot when you are just starting out.

    Start off by aiming for the far back of the court. You need to hit the shuttle as hard and high as you can so it drops between the two back lines . If hitting the shuttle that far is too difficult in the beginning, try to avoid hitting it into the middle of the court, which makes it easy for your opponent to return. Aim for your opponent's backhand side or serve it just barely over the net. A shuttle in these areas is more difficult to return than those in the middle.

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    Practice These Techniques Until They Are Natural

    By practicing these beginner badminton techniques, your body will get into the habit of playing badminton the correct way. When beginner basics are conquered, then it is easy to continue to add more difficult plays and drills to your practice sessions which will enable you to play at a higher competition level.