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Fun Soccer Drills for Kids

written by: Sylvie Colette • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 6/28/2011

Keep soccer exciting with fun soccer drills for kids. These drills offer the opportunity to practice specific skills while having a good time as a team.

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    Introducing fun soccer drills for kids accomplishes two main goals. One, by keeping the drills fun, the kids are excited to come back. And two, since soccer drills increase the players skills, the team will perform better in a game situation. Fun soccer drills also builds team spirit. A good soccer team knows how to work together and having fun allows gives the team a chance to bond together.

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    Coaches Revenge

    Playing coaches revenge is a good beginning of the year drill, although it can be thrown in at anytime of the season. Although it is technically an elimination game, it allows everyone to keep playing until the end, which keeps it fun. Start with all the players standing along the goal line. The coach, or coaches, stand at the half field line will all the balls.

    The object of the game is for the players to cross the field without getting hit by a ball. The coaches kick the balls at the players as they sprint by, aiming below the knees.

    If a player is hit by a coach's ball, they collect stray balls and join the coaches in the middle. Eventually there will be more players in the center with the coaches, then players attempting to cross without getting hit. The player who managed to dodge all the balls is the winner.

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    This drill teaches players to keep their head up while dribbling as well as using peripheral vision. Shielding the ball, moving through players and making quick adjustments are other benefits of this useful and fun soccer drill.

    Each player has a ball. Divide the team into four groups. Line them up along each of the 4 sides of the field. On go, they must cross the field with the ball at their feet. Looking around and finding open spots is necessary in this fast paced drill. Once they have successfully crossed, they have to go back to where they began.

    Make it more difficult by having one of the four sides cross without a ball. Their goal can be to steal the ball of crossing players.

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    Driving Lessons

    This soccer drill teaches controlled dribbling in a fun way. Set up cones across the field to mark off several lanes. As the "driving instructor," the coach will call out different commands. Demonstrate what each of the instructions will look like.

    • Go - Start dribbling through the cones
    • Stop - Trap the ball under your foot
    • Slow - Dribble extra slow
    • Speed up - Dribble fast
    • Turn Right - Push the ball to the right with the outside of their right foot, then dribble to the right
    • Turn Left - Push the ball to the left with the outside of their left foot and dribble to the left
    • Turn Around - Pull the ball back and then flip around quickly

    Watch for "accidents." If a player is having too many accidents, mostly for not paying attention, pull them out and have them go to remedial traffic school with an assistant coach.

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