Badminton Drills to Improve Serving, Forehand and Backhand Skills

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You’ve decided you’d like to play badminton or maybe you’ve been playing for a little bit. Are you looking for a few badminton drills to improve your skills? Well, if so, here are a few that are fun and will definitely improve your badminton skills. The first three drills will require at least 2 other players to complete the drill.

Keep Away Drill

The first one is a variation of a child’s game called “keep away”, a game that is traditionally played with a basketball type ball played in schoolyards.

This drill is easiest without the net in the middle, however, it can be played either way. You will have at least one person on each side of the court at the back boundary line. These people will be the ones hitting the birdie back and forth to each other and trying to keep it “away” from the one person in the middle of the court (if you have the net up, the person in the middle is close to the net).

The person in the middle is the one who has to attempt to stop the birdie from continuing to the person on the back boundary line. When the person in the middle stops the birdie from continuing on, that person swaps position with the person he got the birdie from. This drill builds up hand/eye coordination, speed, reach, and endurance.

A “Clearing” Drill

Clearing the birdie over the net to the other side of the court is a skill that needs to be mastered. This drill is easiest with 4 players covering each of the four quadrants of the court.

Players A & B are on one side of the net, players C & D are on the other side. All must stay in their own quadrants or the play stops and the other teams gets a point. Player A will serve the ball over the net to player C or D and player C or D must return the serve to player B in their quadrant. If the serve return is sent to the wrong quadrant, the play is stopped and the other team gets the point. The returns must be sent to the correct quadrant. If player B receives the birdie and sends it back, it must go to the opposite player who it was sent to previously.

The play continues over the net to the opposite player who had the birdie last until the birdie is either missed or sent to a wrong quadrant. Each time a play stops, a new player serves the birdie to keep it from being stagnant.

This drill strengthens control and accuracy and builds up “domain awareness”. You have to keep track of where the birdie has to go at all times, not just send it over the net any place you want to. This drill will help your badminton clearing skills.

A “Scramble” Drill

Badminton is a fast paced sport where your feet need to be nimble and strong, you need to move fast, and you need to keep track of where your partner is. In this drill, you need to keep track of exactly where your partner is or you’ll always be running into each other! You need two people on each side of the net for this crazy fast drill.

Players A & B are on one team, players C & D are on the other team. Player A serves the ball across the net and gets the birdie returned. As soon as players C or D return the ball they have to switch sides of their court FAST before the birdie gets returned to them. Same with players A & B, as soon as the birdie is on their side of the court and returned, they need to swap places on their side also. The play stops when the birdie gets missed, doesn’t go over the net, or team members run into each other and can’t continue.

Speed and Agility Drill

Here is one drill where you only need 2 people. You will need to have one person serving multiple shuttlecocks. Use a handful of birdies to start with and then build the number up.

The person serving must send as many shuttlecocks as s/he can to as many areas of the court for the person to return. The person on the receiving end must try to return as many of the serves as possible, however, this isn’t easy to do as the serves will be sent to any area of their court as quickly as possible. This drill will build up speed, agility, and endurance.

Practice Drills Consistently

By practicing these drills consistently, you will see an improvement in your badminton skills and enjoy the sport even more because you’ll be playing the game with confidence.