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Have Fun and Maintain Fitness with Zumba Parties

written by: CatNorth • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 6/27/2011

Reap the fitness benefits of Zumba parties in both social and professional environments. Take a look at Zumba party options available and plan a Zumba party of your own. Enjoy staying fit while socializing with Zumba.

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    Since the Zumba craze has taken off around the world, more people are having fun while working out. Zumba is often marketed with, “Join the Party” as part of its advertising slogan and for good reason. When fitness instructor, Beto Perez first introduced it, its popularity grew exponentially as group exercisers tired of repetitive workout routines quickly took to this innovative, electrifying and pleasurable form of exercise. Although primarily based on various forms of Latin dance, most Zumba steps are simple and easy to follow while maintaining the exciting movements of Latin dance with zesty and festive Latin sounds and beats. To add variety and spice to the routines, rock, hip-hop and other World music and dance movements are often mixed in as well. Since the popularity of Zumba has attracted all kinds of workout buffs, dance, sports enthusiasts, and other athletes, it has expanded into other arenas, such as corporate parties and fundraisers. Have a Zumba party at your next function or join parties at your local recreation center, gym or fitness center.

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    Discover Zumba Fitness

    If you’re new to Zumba and just want to find out what it’s all about first, try out a group exercise class at a nearby gym or fitness center. With the recent popularity of Zumba, most health clubs are now offering group exercise classes, and you don’t have to be an experienced dancer or athlete to participate. As with any type of healthy and respectful group activity, you should be encouraged to take it at your own pace. There’s no need to push yourself with Zumba, and it’s easy to follow along in most of the fitness classes. Remember, you’re there to have fun most of all, but you just happen to be getting fit at the same time.

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    Party Your Way to Fitness

    Check out your local recreation center or group activity calendar at schools and churches for Zumba parties too. It is taking off as a great social event as well, and for people who enjoy healthy activities where they can meet new people and socialize, it can be a great escape from normal social routines.

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    Put on a Party

    Once you discover Zumba, you may find you like it so much that you want to include it in other areas of your life. Have a party yourself. It can be a casual event where a group of friends join together and practice steps or routines to hot and spicy Latin or other music, or it can be more formal and led by a certified Zumba instructor. However, many people are even including parties at work and other formal gatherings. Not only is it a wonderful way to stay fit on the job or during other official activities, but also it provides a great opportunity for professionals and other participants to mingle and network. Get rid of typical work-week stress, or liven up a boring convention with Zumba parties. Also, what a great way to raise funds for that special cause or charity. Instead of your usual run of the mill charity event, why not move Latin style to raise money for donations to aid your favorite organizations? Philanthropy can be fun and fit too.

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