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Stay Fit as a Certified Zumba Instructor

written by: CatNorth • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 3/30/2010

Stay in shape while teaching Zumba group exercise classes. Learn how to become a certified Zumba instructor. Find out what requirements are necessary even for those with no history in dance or teaching.

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    Although there’s no magical way to stay fit without hard work, it is possible for fitness to be fun. It doesn’t take a personal trainer for most of us to realize that we’re more likely to stick with exercise as part of a total fitness program when we enjoy it. For many, Zumba fitness is the answer to essential daily cardio exercise. With fiery and flirty Zumba gaining more popularity than ever, Zumba instructors are needed. And in today’s economy, becoming a certified Zumba instructor can be a fun way to earn extra bucks while staying in shape. So, why not get Zumba instructor certified?

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    What Qualifies Me to Teach Zumba?

    You don’t need a dance background to become a Zumba instructor, nor do you need experience as a fitness instructor or trainer to teach Zumba. Created in the 1990s in Columbia by fitness coach and celebrity, Beto Perez, Zumba quickly became a hot workout trend not only in Columbia and in the United States, but also around the world. With its sassy Latin and World rhythms often mixed in with rock and hip-hop beats and moves, Zumba swiftly became a recognized brand name and exercise craze. This has produced a demand for certified Zumba instructors. However, because the movement and steps involved in Zumba are straightforward and easy to catch on to, even those with no dance or exercise know-how can learn to teach it. And staying in great shape is easy when you teach Zumba on a regular basis.

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    Where to Get Zumba Instructor Training

    First, bookmark the official Zumba web site, Zumba Fitness, in your favorite browser on your computer. In order to be certified as a Zumba instructor, you must train through the Zumba Academy. Official training courses are available through the academy only and are listed on the official Zumba Fitness web site. Once certified to teach Zumba, you’re also eligible to join the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN™), where you receive recognition as a professional and can develop your career as a Zumba instructor. Teach regular Zumba group exercise classes at a gym, recreational center, school, or other facility or organization, and even learn to work with specific groups of people, such as kids and the elderly.

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    Get a Health Check Before You Zumba

    Although you don't need previous experience in fitness or dance to get Zumba instructor training, it is important to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness regiment. Even though Zumba steps are simplified so that most people can easily pick them up, Zumba exercise can be quite stenuous, especially for those involved in teaching certification courses. Make sure you get a complete physical before beginning certified Zumba instructor training.

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