Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Disorder

Learn more about social anxiety disorder and social phobias. Those diagnosed with social anxiety disorder have irrational fears of being embarrassed in public that can worsen over time. Other social phobias could be a specific social phobia such as fear of public speaking or speaking over the phone. Find out about the causes of social phobias and social anxiety disorder as well as symptoms, diagnosis, treatment methods and related conditions.

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  • How to Treat Depersonalization Disorder
    Treatments for depersonalization disorder may vary from cognitive-behavioral therapies to clinical hypnosis. Although it usually does not require treatment, extreme distress will need professional help. Here's a look at what is this disorder and what options are available to patients.
  • How to Deal with Food Neophobia in Adults
    Adult food neophobia can be severely detrimental to health. The fear of trying new foods can cause many nutritional deficiencies and affect a person's social life negatively.
  • How to Plan a Psychoeducation Group: Social Anxiety Disorder
    Social anxiety disorder is a common disorder characterized by fear of embarrassment, humiliation and negative evaluation by others in social situations. The most widely used treatment is a cognitive behavioral therapy group, a type of psychoeducational group.
  • Insight into Equinophobia - The Fear of Horses
    Equinophobia is an intense and persistent fear of horses. When near a horse, an individual with the phobia may experience symptoms that are similar to an anxiety attack.
  • Insight into Social Phobias
    Those with an insight into social phobias realize that their overwhelming fears when they are around people are unreasonable and excessive; however, they usually have extreme difficulties in overcoming them.
  • What is Brontophobia?
    The fear of thunder (brontophobia) is one of several specific phobias that can adversely affect people's lives. Fortunately, it responds very positively to treatment.
  • What to Do with Yourself if You are Socially Phobic
    Socially phobic people can always use a little help in dealing with their anxiety to keep themselves from withdrawing completely from a certain amount of healthy interaction with other people. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know some useful coping strategies and tips if you are socially phobic.
  • What is Social Phobia? The Definition & Types of Social Phobias
    Social phobia, also known as social anxiety, is a debilitating psychological disorder characterized by extreme anxiousness in social situations. Social phobia may be generalized or specific to certain social situations, and often requires professional help to overcome.
  • What is Chaetophobia?
    Chaetophobia is the overwhelming and intense fear of hair. The level of fear can range from a single hair to a hairy family pet. Symptoms can include panic attacks, nausea, dizziness, irregular heartbeat and other physical discomforts.
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