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  • Xenotransplantation: Animal Organ Donors for Human Recipients
    Animal organs transplanted into human bodies? Sounds impossible, but in fact it’s not at all far-fetched.
  • Pros and Cons of Tissue Engineering
    Tissue engineering, intended to improve or to replace biological functions, is an emerging technology. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of tissue engineering.
  • Bionics
    This article introduces the idea of bionics. More than just science fiction, bionics is a technology with both current and future real world applications.
  • Bionics in Medicine
    In the last article we mentioned how Bionics work and how they are being applied to everyday situations - this article involves the extraordinary work being done with Bionics in medicine.
  • The History of Bionics
    Bionics is a fascinating subject with a relatively short but interesting history. Find out more about this exciting field.
  • The Future of Bone Tissue Engineering
    The goal of bone tissue engineering is to grow new bones, cartilage and teeth that are fully functional and have the ability to regenerate like natural healthy bone. Researchers are working on engineering bone that will replace and repair degenerated or injured bone.
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