Using Reflexology in Pregnancy

Using Reflexology in Pregnancy
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How Reflexology Works

Reflexology is simple, effective and a truly fascinating way to heal. It is an ancient technique that is popular in many parts of the world today, while in other areas people are discovering the healing benefits of this therapy. Reflexology involves touch therapy on the hands and feet. Pressure and some massage is used to stimulate nerve endings and meridian points which then send signals via the nervous system to the brain and the other organs of the body. These signals create a response that results in improved circulation, relaxation, and a removal of blockages of energy flow. This is healing on a foundational level; specific ailments can be treated but more importantly this therapy improves overall well-being.

Using reflexology in pregnancy is so practical as a safe way to treat symptoms that this therapy has it’s own name — maternity reflexology. Practicing reflexologists for pregnant women use gentler techniques and focus on balancing the specific ailments related to pregnancy.


Specifically what can maternity reflexology be used to treat? It is well-suited for pain and discomfort, water retention, fatigue, indigestion, nausea, and stress. Reflexology treatments will promote a more relaxed state of mind, better circulation, and a more energized body during pregnancy. While every woman may have her own experience, women who have used reflexology have experienced shorter labor times and a decreased need for drugs during labor.

This form of alternative medicine is ideal for helping pregnant women as it can bring about well-being without any risk. It is a non-invasive therapy, nothing is ingested, no oils or creams are used, it is simply the pressure of fingers and thumbs on the feet and hands.

Choosing this Treatment

If you want to try reflexology in pregnancy you may discover a great new healing therapy for you and your family to use to deal with common ailments. Make sure you talk to your obstetrician or midwife before getting treatment — they may even be able to recommend you to a practicing maternity reflexologist. There are reasons that you may be told not to try this therapy such as the use of fertility drugs and high risk conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Find a practitioner who is familiar with treating pregnant women. Reflexologists will not generally treat women during the first trimester because the threat of miscarriage is high. There is no link between miscarriage and reflexology, but as miscarriages happen often without cause, it is understandable that an alternative medicine practitioner does not want the link created.

Maternity reflexology has so much to offer pregnant women. Try it if you are interested, and with this form of medicine, you get to enjoy going to the doctor’s!


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