Making an All Natural Pregnancy Pillow

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What To Look For in Pregnancy Pillows and its Benefits

An all-natural pregnancy pillow is made from natural materials that will not harm the earth or cause an allergic reaction in a pregnant female. Look for pregnancy pillows that are made from recycled polyfiber, and a 100% cotton shell. Also check that the materials used in the pillows are not bleached. Choosing products that are made from these materials is good for the environment. It is also better for a pregnant woman to sleep on a pillow that is made of natural non-allergenic fibers and fillers.

Pregnancy pillows provide a lot of benefits for women who are into their second and third trimesters. As the fetus grows, the extra weight can cause a pregnant woman to have difficulty falling asleep. Women are supposed to sleep on their sides to better support their stomach but added weight can put pressure on the back. A pregnancy pillow solves this problem by supporting the stomach as a pregnant woman sleeps. A regular pillow is not good enough because it is not specially designed to support women in their second and third trimesters like a pregnancy pillow does.

How To Make a Pregnancy Pillow

You can make your own pregnancy pillow. This will allow you to choose all natural material and filler for it. In addition, you can decide if you would like it to be straight or slightly curved.

  1. In order to make an all-natural pregnancy pillow you will need to gather your materials. Items needed for this project includes natural 100% cotton fabric for the case, recycled polyester fiber for the stuffing, pencil, scissors and straight pins. A sewing machine can be used to make this pillow, but a needle and thread will work fine as well.
  2. Decide on the size and shape you would like your pregnancy pillow to be. Aim to make it long enough that it will support your stomach and allow you to wrap your leg around it if you would like.
  3. Take the cotton fabric and fold it in half. Make sure the edges line up together. Draw an outline on the material making it slightly larger than the size and shape you would like it to be.
  4. Proceed to cut the outline of your folded fabric. Pin the edges of the material together. Sew the layers of cotton fabric together leaving enough space to fill your pregnancy pillow with filling.
  5. Stuff your pillow with your recycled polyester fiber. You may want to test the pillow out to see if you would like it firmer or softer.
  6. Sew the open end of your pregnancy pillow shut. Cut off any uneven edges but avoid cutting the seam. Make sure it is smooth and even especially around the curved edges.

If you have anything you would like to share about an all-natural pregnancy pillow please leave the information in the comment section below.