Natural Ways to Prevent Fatigue During Pregnancy

Natural Ways to Prevent Fatigue During Pregnancy
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Fatigue Management During Pregnancy

As soon as you find out that you’re pregnant, your doctor will advise you to stop drinking caffeinated beverages. In addition, your prenatal doctor might recommend that you reduce strenuous exercise or limit your activity all together if you’re at more risk for complications. Without caffeine and exercise, how are you going to prevent yourself from feeling tired all of the time?

Although you might think it’s impossible to boost your energy during pregnancy, it will just be more challenging. Instead of coffee you will have to look to natural stimulates that won’t affect your baby in a negative way.

Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga is a dynamic discipline, which can help your body adjust to the transformations that are taking place in your body. Different yoga poses can get you in touch with your balance, strength, emotions and physical limitations. Unlike most exercise regimens, yoga is about accepting where you are right now and not forcing your body into poses right off the bat. Below are some yoga poses that you should try when treating or preventing fatigue during pregnancy (seek your doctor’s advice before starting your yoga regimen):

  • Mountain Pose
  • Standing Side Stretch Pose
  • Hero Pose
  • Cat Pose
  • Corpse Pose

Important notes: Avoid suspending your breath during any yoga pose, because it will limit the blood flow to the fetus. Also, feel free to use props such as blankets, blocks, the wall, a chair, etc. to help you modify certain poses for your comfort level.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies are safe and derived from flower essences. Dr. Edward Bach created these remedies with the intention to treat people as individuals who have different symptoms and health issues. Since this type of therapy is natural and safe, you can use it during your pregnancy to relieve stress and give you a boost of energy. Here is a list of some that you might want to try:

  • Walnut - Balances out the body while it’s going through adjustments.
  • Olive and Hornbeam - Relieves a tired and weary body.
  • Gentian - Provides encouragement and a positive mood.


Essential oils are liquids distilled from plants and flowers, and each of the oils has a specific healing property. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these oils or ask a skilled professional, because some cannot be applied directly to the skin or used during pregnancy. Below are a few essential oils that you can diffuse in your home or office to create your personalized fatigue natural cures for those nine months.

  • Clary sage and geranium - Boosts your morale.
  • Bergmot and rosewood - Refreshes your mood and spirit.
  • Lavender and tea tree - Relaxes your mind and body.

You can also apply some of these oils directly to your skin and give yourself a massage if you mix the oil with a base oil such as petigrain oil.

In addition to these natural fatigue management techniques, you can also look into acupuncture. Acupuncture can relieve all types of health issues, and you can discuss a fatigue treatment with a local acupuncturist to supplement the aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies and yoga. You might find that one particular therapy works best, or you might have to incorporate two or more into your lifestyle to see an improvement.

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