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Natural Remedies for Reducing Pregnancy Pain

written by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen • edited by: lrohner • updated: 6/15/2011

Reducing pregnancy pain naturally is an effective way to experience a more comfortable time carrying your baby. Learn about natural remedies that reduce pregnancy pain.

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    Pregnancy is a happy time for women, but pregnancy can also present a variety of aches and pains. Pregnant women are unable to take most pain medications so finding natural remedies for reducing pregnancy pain is a safe and effective way to alleviate the pain. Many women can successfully reduce their pain naturally by using natural remedies for reducing pregnancy pain.

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    Massage is safe for pregnant women and can be a very effective natural remedy for reducing pregnancy pain. Women can get pretty much any part of their body massaged, so regardless of the location of the pain, massage can almost always be used. Getting a shoulder, neck, back or foot massage can also help to alleviate tension in addition to reducing pregnancy pain. Pregnant women who choose to get a massage should let their masseuse know that they are pregnant so that the masseuse can use prenatal techniques.

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    natural remedies for reducing pregnancy pain Pregnant women may find yoga a very beneficial natural remedy for reducing pregnancy pain. There are specific yoga moves meant for pregnant women as well. Yoga can help to alleviate pain as well as reduce stress and tension. Reducing pregnancy pain naturally with yoga will also help pregnant women stay in shape, stay healthy and keep their immune system boosted during their pregnancy.

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    Certain herbs can be used to help reduce pregnancy during pain. These herbs also provide nutritional benefits for both mom and baby. Adding a Nettle infusion to their daily regimen is said to help alleviate pain during pregnancy as well as relax and soothe. Other herbs than may help to alleviate pain during pregnancy, and some of the other symptoms of pregnancy, include wild greens and raspberry leaf. Wild greens can be added to foods and raspberry leaf can be made into a hot or cold tea.

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    Heat can be a very beneficial natural remedy for reducing pregnancy pain. It can help to alleviate pelvic, abdominal and back pain. Pregnant women can use heat by applying a heating pad, a hot water bottle, or a warm-water soaked towel to the area in which they are experiencing pain. It is important to remember, however, that using a heating pad for a prolonged period of time can cause burns so women using this remedy to reduce pregnancy pain naturally should use caution and only use it for about fifteen minutes at a time.

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    Gentle exercise is a beneficial natural remedy for reducing pregnancy pain. However, it is important to not overdo it. Pregnant women may experience a reduction in pain by taking a walk or by gently stretching. If exercise, regardless of how gentle it is, causes any additional pain or discomfort it should be stopped immediately.

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