Ease Morning Sickness Naturally: Safe Herbal Remedies

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What is Morning Sickness?

Typically morning sickness is used to describe the nausea that commonly occurs in pregnant women. The sickness is often in the morning upon waking or just after eating. But, there are women that have nausea or vomiting at various times of the day or night and it can last throughout the duration of the pregnancy.

The symptoms can include: dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, shakiness and sensitivity to odor, light and sound.

Some of the reasons that a woman can experience morning sickness are due to: the ever changing hormone levels, the amount of food consumed, type of food, or the many changes that the body is going through.

Herbs that Ease Morning Sickness

Ginger is widely used for nausea of all types. But, rarely do most women realize that ginger is also a stimulant for menses. This means that enough ginger can promote the uterus to contract. So, in short, ginger should only be taken in very small doses if at all. Generally it is an herb that should be avoided during pregnancy as the body tends to react differently during this delicate time.

Other herbs that have long been used to ease morning sickness include:

• Chamomile

• Slippery elm

• Peppermint leaf

• Black horehound

Some other things that can ease morning sickness include eating dry crackers. This absorbs excess acid and helps eliminate or reduce upset stomach. Eating smaller portions of food more frequently throughout the day helps to suppress that sick feeling as well. Try to keep some sort of food or fluid in the stomach at all times. Nausea can come on hard when the stomach is empty. Always keeping a little food in the digestive tract will ease morning sickness significantly. Also try eating different foods as the tastes and other senses change and sickness can be due to the rejection of foods.

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