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Best Herbs to Combat Pregnancy Fatigue

written by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen • edited by: lrohner • updated: 10/8/2009

This article will discuss the different herbs women can take to alleviate pregnancy fatigue.

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    Pregnancy Fatigue Herbs

    Pregnancy fatigue is a type of fatigue experienced during pregnancy. This type of fatigue is normal, however if it becomes severe there may be another issue. In general, pregnant women experience pregnancy fatigue due to increased weight, lack of sleep due to other pregnancy-related symptoms and being anxious about meeting their new baby as well as being anxious about giving birth. Though many herbs should not be taken by pregnant women some can and these herbs may be quite beneficial in alleviating pregnancy fatigue.

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    Valerian may be a beneficial herb for pregnancy fatigue. This herb is best known for its ability to relax, soothe and promote sleep. This herb can be greatly beneficial to pregnant women who are fatigued due to lack of sleep. It can also help to calm anxiety and help the alleviate muscle aches. Valerian does not have any known contraindications associated with pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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    Siberian Ginseng

    Siberian ginseng can be a very beneficial. This herb is said to increase energy levels, improve memory and promote mental resilience. It can also help to improve endurance which can be good for pregnant women who are performing gentle exercise regularly. Siberian ginseng is also said to help people recover from illnesses by assisting in strengthening their immune system. This herb is also said to be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women and there are no known pregnancy-related contraindications.

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    Yellow Dock

    Yellow dock helps to increase iron utilization and iron uptake. This will help to prevent iron-deficiency anemia, which is a common problem during pregnancy. Iron-deficiency anemia can also lead to significant fatigue. Yellow dock is said to be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women and there are no known pregnancy-related contraindications. Nettles also have similar benefits and are considered safe for pregnant women.

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    Dandelion Root

    Dandelion root is a beneficial herb for pregnancy fatigue. This herb helps to increase energy by combating iron-deficiency anemia in the same way that yellow dock does. However, dandelion root also has a variety of other pregnancy-related benefits. These include assisting digestion, alleviating pain with its anti-inflammatory properties, tones and nourishes the body and possesses high amounts of several different minerals and vitamins. It is also beneficial in promoting a healthy liver and can be used as a natural diuretic. Dandelion root is safe to take during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

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