Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan

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Gestational diabetes is one of the top temporary health conditions that a woman may face during pregnancy. In gestational diabetes, a woman’s body produces adequate insulin but the body does not respond to it, a problem called insulin resistance.

The Role of Diet in Gestational Diabetes

For women that have gestational diabetes during pregnancy, there is an increased risk of developing full blown diabetes for both the mother and the child. The two primary treatments for gestational diabetes are diet, and exercise. Exercise is necessary because it helps to overcome insulin resistance. Diet is important to help balance the amount of carbohydrate consumed and to stabilize blood glucose levels. Food choices are exceedingly vital in women with gestational diabetes, as the goal is too keep blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible.

The Gestational Diabetes Diet

The gestational diabetes diet is cocused on limiting concentrated sweets and fats. The emphasis lies with complex carbohydrates and foods that are high in fiber. These foods make up over fifty percent of the meal plan. Fats are limited to approximately one-third of the daily calorie intake. The remaining ten to twenty percent of calorie content comes from lean proteins. To adapt this meal plan to your situation, calculate fifteen calories for every pound of your ideal body weight. This will give you the number of calories needed every day. Then multiply this number by the percentages of each category to arrive at your personal totals. You can then use those numbers as a guide to modify the following daily diet plan that is based on 2200 calories per day.

Sample Meal Plan

Breakfast: 42 grams carbohydrate

3 carbohydrate servings

1 milk serving

1 ounce meat or protein

2 fat servings

Morning Snack: 15 grams carbohydrate

1 fruit serving

1 oz. meat substitute

Lunch: 67 grams carbohydrate

The following foods can be combined to make a sandwich:

2 carbohydrate servings

2 ounces meat or protein

1 vegetable

1 fat

1 fruit serving

1 vegetable serving

1 free food

1 milk serving

Afternoon snack: 15 grams carbohydrate

1 starch

Dinner: 82 grams carbohydrate

5 carbohydrate servings

1 fruit serving

1 milk serving

2 vegetables

3 ounces meat or protein

2 fats

Evening Snack: 27 grams carbohydrate

1 carbohydrate serving

1 meat or protein

1 milk

Daily Total: About 2100 calories.

About 248 grams carbohydrate = 47% of calories.

About 123 grams protein = 23% of calories.

About 72 grams fat= 30% of calories.