How to Have a Fit Pregnancy: The Best Pregnancy Exercises

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Staying Fit With the Best Pregnancy Exercises

Staying fit during pregnancy can help you feel better both physically and mentally. But before you embark on a pregnancy fitness program, you should check out your options since you may want to change your exercise habits as your body changes.

First you need to consult your doctor to create a healthy and realistic pregnancy fitness program. It is also important to let physical trainers or aerobic instructors know if you are pregnant. Since pregnancy affects the body in many ways, it is important to work with trained professionals who can help you safely modify your exercise routine.

Keep in mind that not every activity is considered safe during pregnancy. Certain high contact or extreme sports are not recommended. These include football, basketball, any form of skiing, or horseback riding. Avoiding any sport that involves a risk of trauma is necessary during pregnancy.

However, there are several types of pregnancy exercises that are highly recommended for pregnant women:

· Swimming and Water Aerobics

Exercising in the water is ideal for pregnancy because buoyancy makes a person feel 90% lighter. What woman wouldn’t enjoy feeling a bit lighter during pregnancy? Because they carry such low risk for injury, water sports are a great way to tone and strengthen muscles without strain. And, as an added bonus, they can help rid the body of excess fluid and minimize edema.

· Yoga

Besides being great for building strength in the core muscles needed for labor, yoga has special benefits for pregnant women by teaching them to focus on breathing and relaxing.

· Belly Dance

Prenatal belly dance is a very natural form of dancing that helps women learn to isolate muscles in their core. Several Lamaze techniques are based on ancient belly dance moves, and belly dance has been shown to help women alleviate pain during childbirth. Many forms of dancing can be a good way to get your heart pumping during pregnancy. However, it is important to steer clear of dance forms that will have you jumping, leaping, or twirling as you want to minimize your risk of falling.

· Walking

The most traditional of pregnancy exercises, walking provides great low-impact exercise. It’s also the cheapest and easiest form of exercise as it can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any special equipment beyond a good pair of supportive shoes.

· Weight Training

If weight training is already a part of your physical fitness routine, there is no reason to stop it. However, you will need to work with a doctor and trainer to modify or eliminate certain exercises and lighten your weights. As long as you use proper technique, weight training remains a great way to strengthen muscles during pregnancy.

· Low-Impact Aerobics

Aerobics classes can be very motivating, especially if they are filled with other pregnant moms you can bond with. Energetic music and moves can lift your mood, while the consistency of a weekly time slot can help you stick with your routine.

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