Phobias & Fears

Everyone has normal fears and dislikes. Someone may dislike public bathrooms, but they will use them in a pinch if they have to. Phobias are irrational fears that impede daily life. Someone suffering from a phobia of public bathrooms may choose to stay home all the time rather than risk having to use one. Phobias can be caused by a traumatic event or develop from childhood fears. Common phobias include agoraphobia, fear of public spaces; arachnophobia, fear of spiders; claustrophobia, fear of enclosed spaces; and many others. Learn more about the symptoms and treatments of phobias including some more uncommon phobias you may not have heard of.

Emetophobia: Definition, Symptoms, and Causes

Emetophobia is one of the most common phobias around yet it is hardly talked about, or even commonly known, possibly because it is a fear of something that is extremely unpleasant and embarrassing to all. We’ll take a close look at the definition, symptoms, and causes below.

Do I Have a Phobia?

If you’ve ever felt dizzy, sweaty and struggled to get your breath but don’t know why, you may be wondering, “Do I have a phobia?”

Ailurophobia – The Fear of Cats

The fear of cats or ailurophobia often begins in childhood and can develop into a fully-fledged phobia incorporating common anxiety and panic symptoms which can lead to full blown panic attacks.

Self-Help Techniques Used to Overcome Phobias

Learning how to overcome phobias will enable the phobic person to make great strides toward a more fulfilling and less fearful life. The following tips and advice, regarding exposure therapy and other invaluable coping techniques, will help you do just that.

What is Dipsophobia?

“My mother’s father drank and her mother was an unhappy, neurotic woman, and I think she has lived all her life afraid of anyone who drinks for fear something like that might happen to her” is a quote by John Hurt who is probably best known as the lead actor in “The Elephant Man”. Can you relate?

Cryophobia: Definition and Implications

Cryophobia causes an irrational and exaggerated fear. The sufferer might experience trembling, dread, and an overwhelming desire to flee the object of their terror. To find out what causes such tremendous feelings of panic to the cryophobic, please read the intriguing discussion below.

Understanding Dementophobia

Dementophobia is the specific fear of insanity or becoming certifiably insane to the point where a patient cannot enjoy normal life. A person can get dementophobia even if there is no cause for that person to believe he or she has mental illness.

The Causes of Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia: most commonly known as the fear of small or enclosed spaces. The definition is well-known, but is there one cause of claustrophobia? This article on the cause of claustrophobia offers information to explain how claustrophobia develops.