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  • Preventing Pancreatic Cancer
    How do I avoid pancreatic cancer? To answer this question, it is best to know what it is and what are its risk factors. Steps can then be taken to lessen one's chances in developing pancreatic cancer.
  • Chemotherapy Agents Used for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
    One of the most common treatments for pancreatic cancer is chemotherapy. In this article some of the chemotherapy agents used for pancreatic cancer treatment will be briefly discussed.
  • Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis
    The symptoms of pancreatic cancer can seem vague and may not appear until a later stage of the disease. Learn about these symptoms along with methods used for diagnosis in order to help aid in early detection.
  • Risk Factors for Pancreatic Cancer
    Pancreatic cancer is considered highly aggressive and often associated with a poor prognosis. Understanding the association between pancreatic cancer and risk factors can help prevent the development of this aggressive and deadly cancer. Risk factors include: age, diabetes, smoking, family history.
  • Alternative Treatment Options for Pancreatic Cancer
    To address the side effects of conventional treatment and to increase the body's ability to cope with pancreatic cancer, consider the less mainstream therapies. Here are a few examples of what is available in terms of pancreatic cancer alternative treatment options.
  • Caring for a Loved one with Pancreatic Cancer
    Medical, practical, and emotional support is needed when learning how to care for a loved one with pancreatic cancer. Because pancreatic cancer is one of the more aggressive cancers, caregivers may be faced with a different level of care and concerns.
  • Prevent Pancreatic Cancer
    Although the exact causes of pancreatic cancer are unknown, there are risk factors that have been identified. Learn what they are and find out how you can prevent pancreatic cancer.
  • What’s New in Pancreatic Cancer Research?
    A leading cause of cancer related death in the United States, pancreatic cancer not only spreads rapidly, but also is often diagnosed too late. Here we discuss pancreatic cancer research and the focus on screening and prevention as well as treatment.
  • Cancer Screening Recommendations: Pancreatic and Thyroid Cancer Screening
    The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has published a series of recommendations regarding routine cancer screening and prevention methods. Find out the recommendations for pancreatic and thyroid cancer screening as well as the recommendation regarding smoking cessation counseling.
  • Pancreatic Cancer Life Expectancy: The Latest Facts
    This article describes pancreatic cancer life expectancy rates as set forth in guidelines of the American Joint Committee on Cancer and endorsed by the American Cancer Society.
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