Germ Phobia Treatment: A Look at the Most Effective Therapies

Are you a mysophobic? You may be more familiar with the term ‘germaphobe.’ Whatever the word, if the fear of germs has you washing your hands repeatedly and avoiding people and objects, read this article. Learn about effective germ phobia treatments and stop allowing this fear to control your life.

What Are Some Healthy Graduation Party Food Ideas?

Beef patties, hot dogs, potato salad made using mayonnaise, chip dips made with sour cream – or burgers made with ground turkey, brisket, grilled fajitas, mini-club sandwiches, salsa or guacamole and tostada chips, fruit salads and vegetable dippers? The healthier food is just as tasty.

All About the Anger and Rage of Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Many people have heard of road rage, in which a driver flies off the handle over a minor traffic incident. Most may dismiss this dangerous behavior as a personality flaw, but it could be caused by intermittent explosive disorder. Read about the condition, its symptoms and its causes in this guide.