How to Treat Compulsive Handwashing from OCD

Many individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) wash their hands repeatedly for extended periods of time. While performing this ritual may relieve anxiety over the fear of germs, it can obviously impact daily life. This article explains how to treat compulsive handwashing from OCD.

Foods that Increase Alertness

Today’s busy lifestyles and extended work hours sap busy professionals of their energy. Many people find their enthusiasm and positive nature wearing off as the day progresses, and become disorganized and distracted by the end of the day. A healthy diet helps to sustain mental focus.

Facts About Asperger’s Therapy

Asperger’s therapy includes both traditional and nontraditional approaches. Cognitive and behavior therapy, speech therapy, vitamin supplements, and special diets are just a few. Here are a few facts about Asperger’s therapy.