Flag Football Tips for Kids: Improve Your Game

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Flag football is sport enjoyed by many people of all ages, including kids. The following flag football tips for kids are designed to help kids play better and feel more confident in their game.

Running Routes

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald offers some tips in the team’s Kid’s Zone that include this one about running routes.

He says it is important for players to understand that “the most important part of running a route is getting off the line of scrimmage.” He adds that players who can get off the line of scrimmage and past the defensive back can then run any number of running routes.

The running routes he lists include the Hitch Route, The Slant Route, and the Quick Out.

He states that The Hitch Route is the easiest to run, because it involves running for five or six yards, straight up the field, and then turning around quickly so the quarterback is being faced. The Slant Route is similar to the Hitch Route, but instead of turning to face the quarterback right away, the player cuts a 45-degree angle first.

Similar to The Hitch Route, the Quick Out begins the same, but once the five or six yards are run, the player then heads for the sideline.

Running Routes Tip: The tip Larry Fitzgerald offers for running routes is for players to develop a good technique so they can get off the press and “just catch the ball.” He suggests that any players having difficulty with catching passes work with a friend to practice catching them from different heights and angles.

Throwing Spirals

For a quarterback, learning to throw spirals well is important. This is because it can aid in more accurate throws that achieve a much greater velocity.

Football Babble suggests the way to throw a tight spiral is to hold the back part of the football, with fingers over the laces. The elbow is held tight to the body, while the ball is held closer to the ear. The non-throwing shoulder is aimed at the target and the ball is then thrown, spinning off the fingers. Maximum efficiency is achieved by following through on the throw.

Pulling the Flag

Pulling the flag off an opponent may not be as easy as it would sound. One tips in regards to that is to get in front of the ball-carrier, so they have to go around and leave more time open for the flag-pull.

Another tip is to run toward the ball-carrier rather than waiting for them to approach. This leaves them less time to build up momentum, making them a little easier to catch.

A third flag football tip for kids is to watch the hips of the ball-carrier. The direction they point is the direction the ball-carrier will move. Focusing on the hips rather than feet or hands helps reduce the odds of being ‘faked out’.


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