Softball Training can be Fun when Running Drills are Thrown into the Mix

Softball Training can be Fun when Running Drills are Thrown into the Mix
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Have Fun Practicing Speed and Agility on the Field

When you play softball, one of the most important skills you can possess is speed, especially when it comes to stealing bases. The more bases you are successful at stealing, the closer you are to scoring a run. Softball training running drills don’t have to be practiced just for the sake of the game. They can also be practiced to help you stay in shape and get your heart rate up. Build strength in your legs as well as cardiovascular conditioning by practicing these softball running drills. And remember it’s okay to have fun doing them.

How to Steal Bases

Running Drills Help with Cardiovascular Conditioning and Strength in Legs

Running drills don’t have to be practiced by base runners only. In fact, just about every player can benefit from practicing softball training running drills. When you practice running and stealing bases, you help to perfect your strategy for stealing bases. The two most important physical components you will gain when you practice these softball base stealing drills are an increase in the strength in the legs as well as a good cardiovascular workout.

So make sure to stretch the legs, warm up, and put your running shoes on to take advantage of these fun and challenging softball training running drills.

Softball Training Running Drills will Make You Break a Sweat

Batters Box Drill-

You will need at least four players to practice this softball training running drill. One person will pitch, another person will catch, another person will play first base and you will be the runner.

Stand in the batters box and have the pitcher pitch the ball. As the batter, your goals are to make contact with the ball and run as fast as you can to first base. This combination drill allows you to practice batting and running techniques, which helps you become a better batter and a faster runner.

Do this about 10-12 times and you will feel your heart rate increase and you will start to break a sweat.

Base Stealing Drill-

As the pitcher releases the ball from their hand, you will push off the base using the strength in your legs. Your goal is to reach the base before the catcher’s throw reaches the fielder at the base you are stealing. You may need to slide, so make sure to wear kneepads and longer pants to prevent scratches or scrapes on the legs.

Practice this base stealing drill about 10-12 times. You will begin to feel your legs burning and this running drill will give you a great cardio workout. You will also learn how to perfect your strategy when stealing bases in softball.

Pickle Drill-

This softball drill is a more sophisticated version of grown up tag, except you will be using a softball instead of your hand to tag the person out.

When you perform a softball training pickle drill, you need at least three players; however, the more people you have, the faster the drill will go and the more effective it will be. You will have at minimum a total of three players. Two players’ are the defensive players and will be throwing the ball back and forth to each other. The other person involved in the pickle drill will be the offensive player and be the one trying to make it to the base without being tagged out.

To start this running drill, one player will be on first base, while the other player will be on second base. The base stealer will stand in between the two defensive players. The player with the ball will start running towards the base stealer. The base stealer will have to decide whether he can maneuver their body away from the person with the ball, or if he should run back to the base. After a few times of running back and forth and using the legs to push off and stop the running process the base runner will start becoming tired. This softball training drill will give the runner a great cardiovascular workout. This softball drill will also help to increase the strength of the legs and speed of the runner.

By following these fun and effective softball training running drills you will be able to stay in shape and work on your speed and agility as a base runner. Before you know it, you will be stealing bases left and right and notice a difference in the tone and shape of your legs.


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