Exercises to Relieve Golf Elbow Symptoms and Discomfort

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What is Golf Elbow and What are the Symptoms

Golfer’s elbow is a form of tendinitis, located around the joint of the elbow. The condition is caused by overuse of the muscles and tendons in the forearm. This kind of overuse will lead to inflammation and swelling around the joint of the elbow. It can be caused by a single strenuous action or develop after repetitive use.

Medical epicondylitis, the medical term for golfer’s elbow, gets its name from the bony prominences where the tendons insert. This is the area that gets inflamed and causes the player’s pain–commonly on the inner part of the arm. The pain is described as a shooting sensation down the forearm. The pain usually occurs when the player tries to grip onto an object. Certain exercises can be used to relieve golf elbow symptoms.

How to Relieve Golf Elbow Symptoms With Exercises

The exercises to relieve golf elbow symptoms are called eccentric flexion exercises. The exercises may cause you to feel slight to mild discomfort. Be aware that if the exercises cause pain that is more than moderate, or if a sharp or stabbing sensation occurs, the exercises should be stopped for two or three days. After you have rested your elbow, restart the exercises using a lighter weight and fewer repetitions.

Eccentric Flexion Exercise

During the this exercise, you will sit with your arm supported on a table at shoulder height. The back of your hand should be faced towards the floor and your hand should hang off the table. Start with your elbow bent (which makes the exercise less painful), later you can progress to where you are holding your elbow straight. Holding a one pound weight in the hand of the injured arm, you will use the uninjured hand to lift the weight toward the body while keeping your arm flat against the table. Move the uninjured hand away and slowly allow the inured hand (with the weight) to drop. Repeat this exercise for three sets of 15, resting for one minute in between each set. Perform this exercise five times per week. After one week, if you feel like you can progress, try to lift the weight without assistance from the uninjured hand. Increase the amount of weight by one to two pounds per week. If you can not complete the 15 repetitions, do not increase the weight.

The Kinetic Chain

The kinetic chain is an exercise that can help improve the condition of golf elbow if when you play, you require a sufficient amount of arm strength. Start by holding a one to two pound weight in your hand. Reproduce the motions of your wrist and elbow, the same as if your were playing golf. At the same time, brace your lower body and core muscles. Now replace the weight with a golf club and practice your swing. If you feel pain, you are not doing the exercise correctly.

If you continue to feel pain while performing strengthening exercises for golf elbow, you may consider seeing a physician. Your physician may then refer you to a rehabilitation specialist to help supervise your recovery.


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