The Basic Rules of Baseball.

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The Game

Baseball is a competitive endeavor between two teams each consisting of nine players. The objective of the game is to score the most points by hitting a ball with a bat, and completing a circuit of 3 bases and home plate. Once the ball is hit, then the batter attempts to run and touch each base in a diamond formation on the field. The defense attempts to catch the ball before it hits the ground, or they will try to tag the runner with the ball in their hand. If they can do this, it is called an “out”. When the defense makes 3 outs, they will become the offense and get their turn at bat.

Baseball is played over the duration of nine time periods called “innings”. For each inning both teams will get a chance to bat or hit the ball while the other plays defense. When one team gets three outs, then they switch. An inning starts when the visiting team is up to hit the ball. This is called the top of the inning and they are sequentially numbered. When the home team is up to bat this is referred to as the bottom of an inning.

The Defense

The defense consists of nine players. A pitcher throws the ball over the home plate using techniques to keep the batter from hitting the ball. If the batter swings and misses, this is called a “strike”. One of the rules of baseball is that if the batter gets three “strikes”, the batter is out. The catcher sits behind the batter and will catch the ball if it is not swung at or the batter misses. There are three outfielders, three basemen, and a short stop that is between first and second base. All of these players will coordinate their efforts to get the offensive players out.

The Offense

The offense also consists of nine players. Each player will have a chance to hit the ball. The object is to hit the ball and run around to each of the bases until a circuit is completed. On the far side of the field is a fence or stands. If the player hits the ball past this fence or stands this is called a “homerun”, and the player gets to run the bases without any attempt from the defense to get them “out”. If each of the three bases has an offensive player on them and the batter hits a homerun this is called a grand slam and all four players get to complete the circuit.

The rules of baseball are fairly simple but there is also a lot of strategy in baseball. Everything from how to pitch so the batter has difficulty hitting the ball, to how to avoid big hitters from getting home runs and grand slams. Baseball can be a fun game to play and enjoyable to watch as well.