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The Best Lacrosse Game Strategy

written by: DulceCorazon • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 6/28/2011

Implementation of lacrosse game strategy is often vital to win the game. Here is an overview on how to use the skills of the players and their roles in the team to become an advantage for the whole team.

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    Game Strategy

    Forming a lacrosse game strategy is based on the players' desire to score as many points as they can. This involves planning how fast they run, where they position themselves, who passes the ball, who shoots the ball, and when they execute specialized moves against specific opponents. Studying the strategy of their opponents in advance is also crucial in forming a lacrosse game strategy because not all teams employ the same moves and strategies. The bottom line for players is generally to score and secure victory. Other important factors in forming a game strategy are the individual team members' skills and talents and the strategies employed by the opposing team.

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    Team Work

    Players develop their lacrosse game strategy according to their skills. They build it around what they can do for the team and if their teammates can support their strategy. Team work always comes into play in formulating a lacrosse game strategy because a game strategy in a team environment needs to factor in teammates and their skills, not only an individual's capabilities. Because of this, a lacrosse game strategy is usually developed not by an individual, but by various members of the team, usually headed by their coach. Everybody needs to be on the same page when planning and executing a game strategy for it to be successful.

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    Knowing Your Opponents

    In an offensive lacrosse game strategy, the main focus is making a goal as fast as possible. This focus increases the chances of the team to make more goals and rack up more points without sacrificing strategy and finesse. A team's defensive lacrosse game strategy is equally important because executing these strategies successfully will prevent the opposing team from making goals and scoring. In playing defense as well as in offense, a team usually needs to take into consideration the strategies employed by the opposing team in advance before deciding on what strategies they will execute in their game. Not studying the opposing team is a big mistake for lacrosse teams and it may even cause them their following match.

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    Player Roles

    Player substitution plays a crucial part in a lacrosse game strategy. Certain players have skills that others do not, making them ideal to participate in a specific game strategy. Having a solid game strategy with the wrong people executing them will be pointless and will ultimately become a failure. Players and their coach need to take into consideration each of their teammates skills and talents when formulating a game strategy. Usually, game strategies are practiced to see if the team is performing in the most efficient way possible.

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    Sticking to the Plan

    Lacrosse is a fast paced game, which makes modifying a game strategy during the game itself very difficult. There is almost no room in a lacrosse game for straying from the strategy agreed upon by the team and their coach. Any players who do not follow the plan will confuse their teammates and give their opposing team an opening for stealing the ball or making a clean and easy goal. Sticking to the strategy is paramount in a fast paced game.

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