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Mini Tyke Lacrosse Drills

written by: DulceCorazon • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 8/9/2010

Because children within the ages of 4 and 6 are still very young for serious training, here are some fun mini tyke lacrosse drills for them. Fun during training often promotes interest what they're doing, while at the same time they develop the right skills.

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    Overview of Mini Tyke Lacrosse

    Mini tyke lacrosse is a lacrosse division for children between the ages of 4 and 6. This is an introductory level of lacrosse where children learn the basic skills of playing the game by participating in non-competitive low organization games. For this reason, mini tyke lacrosse drills are less serious and intensive than lacross drills performed in higher level divisions. Mini tyke lacrosse drills are designed to be performed in a fun and active environment where children get to enjoy themselves while learning the basics of lacrosse.

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    Ground Ball

    The first basic lacrosse skill children should learn is ball handling. The ground ball drill, one of the most basic mini tyke lacrosse drills, will develop children's skills in scooping and cradling the ball. This drill can be implemented with two groups of children facing each other, forming parallel lines. One by one, they should go to the ball, which is placed between the two lines of children, scoop it up, and cradle the ball for a few seconds. This is the chance for coaches and trainers to teach the kids how to have proper form in scooping and cradling the ball.

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    Catch and Throw

    When the children are used to scooping and cradling the ball, the coach can implement a catch and throw drill. In this drill, the coach throws a ball towards a kid who will then catch the ball and throw it back to the coach. The drill can be implemented with a line of kids performing the tasks one by one. To add a fun factor to the drill, two groups of kids can be formed in two lines facing each other. Each pair of kids can have a ball that they can catch and throw at each other.

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    Running drills can be used on children after they have been taught how to scoop, cradle, catch, and throw the ball. To integrate all the skills mentioned previously, the coach can add running to the mix. In a scooping and cradling drill, the coach can modify it so that after the kids cradle the ball, they need to run a specific distance, probably around a cone or a chair and run back to place the ball in its original position. In a throwing and catching drill, the coach can let a pair of kids throw and catch the ball to each other while they are constantly moving around. This will improve their existing skills and develop their stamina.

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    Steal the Bacon

    Once the children already have developed the basics lacrosse skills, they can continuously develop it by performing a drill called "Steal The Bacon", which is one of the most popular mini tyke lacrosse drills. In this drill, two teams are formed and they are situated side by side. The coach will then throw the ball in the space between them and the kids will have to get the ball. The team to get possession of the ball will then have to bring the ball back to the coach by passing the ball around, while the team that doesn't get possession will try to block the efforts of the offensive team. This drill promotes team work, coordination, and having fun.

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