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Exercises for Softball Catchers

written by: DulceCorazon • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 5/31/2011

The role of catchers in the softball team is important. They need plenty of skills to win the gameplay. Here are some exercises for softball catchers that can prove helpful during training.

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    Skills for Softball Catchers

    Softball catchers have very important roles in a softball game. Their position in the softball team is crucial and demands a lot of physicality. They need stamina, speed and agility to successfully perform their duties in blocking balls, catching balls, and throwing balls. Certain exercises for softball catchers are designed to improve and develop these skills, often conditioning them for the actual softball games. There are some exercises for softball catchers that are executed to condition the body, and some intensive ones to increase and improve critical softball catcher skills.

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    Agility Exercises

    One of the most essential exercises for softball catchers are exercises that focus on agility. These exercises develop and improve players' agility and presence of mind, giving them the efficiency in acquiring, controlling, and moving the ball around. One of the most basic types of agility exercises is a drill where catchers lie on their back while a trainer tosses foul balls behind them. As soon as the trainer declares a foul ball, catchers get up and scramble to catch the foul ball. This exercise tests how quickly catchers can think and react when a ball needs to be caught while they are not in an ideal position or when they don't initially have the ball in their line of sight.

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    Hindu Squats

    Doing Hindu squats is a great way to develop and improve catchers' muscle endurance. This unique and weird looking squat often requires catchers' heels to come off the ground, putting stress on their legs. Catchers need great muscle endurance in their legs, so this is one of the most effective exercises for softball catchers. It may be painful at first, but regularly doing this exercise will increase their chances of having one of the best conditioned legs in their league. For beginning catchers, they should go slow in starting exercises that focus on the legs because it may put too much stress on their knees.

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    Ball Conditioning

    Ball conditioning is probably the most important drill among all exercises for softball catchers. In this drill, catchers stand in a catching position at home base, while 6-8 balls are laid out in front of them. They proceed by running towards the balls, picking one up, throwing it to a randomly picked base, and then back to their original catching position. The catchers repeat this process until they run out of balls to throw. They can then do the same exercise again, but this time, throwing to another base.

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    Quick Feet

    Improving and maintaining a catcher's speed is also another priority in training. One drill softball catchers can utilize to improve their speed is an exercise called Quick Feet. In this drill, a pitcher throws the ball to each catcher. As soon as catchers catch the ball, they assume a throwing position with arms raised and then they freeze in that position. This is done to evaluate how quickly they can move to a throwing position in proper form and alignment.

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