Here are Four Free Lacrosse Drills for Girls

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Free girls lacrosse drills can help young girls become better lacrosse players while they are having fun. These drills will develop the necessary skills for young girls to get into the game and execute techniques that could help them win the game. Here are some recommended free girls lacrosse drills that coaches and trainers can use.

Bucket Relay Cradle

This drill develops several skills like cradling and ball handling. You need two teams of players, a cone, and a bucket for each of the teams. The girls line up with the bucket placed near the start of the line. The cone for each team is placed several feet away from the bucket. One by one, the members of the teams cradle a ball, run towards the cone, and go around it. Once they pass the cone, they return to the starting area of the line where the bucket is located. Once they reach the bucket, they dump the ball into the bucket and then the next player can proceed to doing the same. The first team to have all players do the task is declared the winner. This relay can prove to be a fun game for girls.

On the Run

This drill develops a girl’s skills in throwing and catching the ball while running, which is something that they will be doing a lot in a real game scenario. A wall is needed to do this drill. A girl starts on one end of the wall, then proceeds to run and throw the ball to a specific point along the wall. As the ball bounces back, the girl needs to catch and cradle it, then she throws it back again. The girl will do this as she runs through to the other end of the wall. Once she reaches it, she will turn around and do it again. This practices her ability to throw and pass on either side of her body.

Ground Ball Hoop

This is another fun lacrosse drill where girls can develop their cradling, passing, and scooping skills. The drill requires a hula hoop. The trainer or coach holds the hula hoop in a vertical position. The girls line up and one by one, they cradle the ball and run towards the hula hoop. As they reach the hula hoop, they make a pass of the ball through the hula hoop and then they immediately move past the hula hoop to catch and scoop the ball. The players can do several rounds of this drill, so they can also improve their stamina.

Switching It Up

While cradling the ball with her stick, the girl stands 15 feet away from the wall. A specific area or point on the wall is designated and the girl throws the ball to hit that area or point. As the ball bounces back, the girl needs to catch it with the same arm she used to throw it. As she cradles the ball, she switches the stick to the other hand and does the drill again. The drill focuses on a player’s ability to easily and efficiently switch the stick between their hands during the game.

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