Learn Effective Agility Drills for Lacrosse at Any Age

Learn Effective Agility Drills for Lacrosse at Any Age
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The Whole Idea

Agility drills for lacrosse can help any player get better at the sport if they are practiced on a consistent basis. These drills do not have to be hard to do and can actually be a fun way to practice for an upcoming game. Not only can these drills help you increase your agility, but they will improve your speed and precision at the same time which makes them even more beneficial.

Straight Ahead Racing

In lacrosse, it is important to be good at running straight ahead, but also to be able to quickly transition into a short paced, side by side pattern. This drill will help you to accomplish both of these things. Start by running as fast as you can from one end of a grassy field to the other while stopping and running left to right multiple times before getting to the other end of the field. Repeat this three to five times, multiple times a week.

Scramble Out

You should start with three lacrosse balls, placed at 10 yards, 20 yards, and 30 yards from where you are standing. With the lacrosse stick in your hand, lie flat on your stomach. To do the drill, you will jump up quickly and run to the first ball to pick it up. Quickly dropping it, run to the second ball to pick it up and so on until all three balls have been retrieved and dropped by you. This drill should help you to handle loose balls more efficiently during a lacrosse game.

Cone Drill

After placing four cones in a square that are about 17 feet apart, you will work the movement you need to improve the most from one cone to the next. For example, you can back-pedal to the first cone and then immediately move to the next cone by sprinting. The movements you perform are up to you, but you will get the most from this drill if you choose movements that you have the least experience doing if possible. One aspect of this drill is that it gives you the opportunity to concentrate on how you transition from one movement to another.

Krazy Kones

Place 10 cones in places that are specific to the game and then get your imagination rolling for this one. This is one of the best agility drills for lacrosse because you can focus on specific tasks that you have trouble with when playing the game. The whole point of the drill is to mix it up a little and practice short, long, and sideways strides both slowly and quickly. For example, practice back-pedaling for a short distance to reach one cone, and then speed-running to get back to the other end of the field to the last cone.


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