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List of Kick Drills in Swimming

written by: Precious Silva • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 7/5/2011

A person should develop a certain set of skills in order to swim well. One of these includes kicking. Read on to learn different kick drills in swimming.

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    Kicking drills do not just help improve a person’s kick in swimming but they also improve the body’s position and rotation. In every endeavor, technique and skill are not easily acquired unless the person is disciplined enough to practice. The same thing applies in swimming. A person should constantly practice kick drills in swimming in order to to properly do kicks, rotation and position. The following kick drills can also be used for warm-up and cool down.

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    Kick on Side

    This drill is done by kicking on the side while keeping both arms in check. Both arms should be at the side while in a head position. It’s important for the person practicing this drill to see how the kicks affect the way the hips ride while swimming. It should help them realize how the drill conditions the body. This drill should be practiced frequently.

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    Kick on Side with Rotation

    This drill is almost the same as the kick on the side drill, except that after the six-beat kick, the person should rotate using the core and the hips. The rotation should be done in such a way that the upper body along with the shoulders will follow naturally.

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    Arm Out

    This is also similar to kick on the side. The person needs to lie on the side with the top arm properly placed on the side while the bottom arm is extended to a length. The position should emphasize the length a person can reach. Afterwards, do the kick and repeat six times.

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    While doing the drills mentioned, it’s also important to take note of a few technique elements. These elements provide a guide on how each kick should be done.

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    Kick from the Hip

    One of the common mistakes that swimmers do is that they bend their knees too much when they kick. While kicking from the knee is not prohibited, it is not beneficial to a swimmer. Kicking from the knee only causes the legs to go deeper into the water and considerably drag the body back. The proper way is to kick from the hip with the knees only slightly bending. This helps provide more power to the swim without having to exert as much effort.

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    Pointing the Toes

    Pointed toes or the plantar flexion helps create a lower profile in the water. This means that as long as the swimmer maintains pointed toes, he/she can maintain a good speed. If the toes are not pointed enough during the kick, the swim becomes considerably slow.

    It’s essential that swimmers practice kick drills in swimming using the right techniques. Frequently practicing these drills can help a swimmer considerably improve his/her performance. To properly execute the techniques and the drills, it’s best to have a coach or trainer present to help keep things in check.