Fun Coaching Drills For Softball Teams

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Just like other types of sports, it’s important for a softball team to enjoy training. In this case, coaches should be able to successfully initiate fun coaching drills for softball teams. If a player enjoys training then it’s likely that he/she will also improve efficiently.

Softball Hitting (Mix Speed)

The purpose of this drill is to help players develop quick swings. Mix speed drills also help develop better reaction times and players are taught how to quicken their pace when reaching plates. In this drill, all players, such as the catcher, pitcher, infielders, and outfielders take their respective posts. From a bucket of balls, the coach will consecutively throw the balls 10 feet away from the batter. The distance itself limits the reaction time a batter has. The batter needs to focus more on approaching ball to be able to release an appropriate swing.

Base Running

As the name implies, the drill has something to do with transferring one base to another. This drill helps a player become at ease while running through all the bases at top speed. This is extremely important because it can give a team considerable advantage during a match. If the player can pass through bases at a really good speed then there’s a better chance to score points.

This drill can be done by splitting the team in two. The first team should be positioned at the base plate while the other team should be at the second base. In each team, the first player in line will be given a ball. The coach will give the cue and each player will need to run around the bases. The ball is handed off to another player once the initial player is done with the course. The drill is completed after all players have run. This can turn out to be a fun game for each team. Since it’s important to transfer bases quickly, it may be an exciting challenge for each team.

Slow Roller

This drill is specifically designed for catchers. This helps catchers learn how to position themselves and to field the ball within their reach. It’s also a good way to teach them to handle bunts. In this drill, the first baseman and the catcher take their usual sports. The coach should be positioned at the back of the catcher with five balls in hand. The drill starts with the coaching rolling the ball to the left side of the catcher. It is important to ensure that the ball does not wander far off. The catcher’s job is to quickly stand from his/her position, remove the mark and run off to get the ball and pass it to the first base man.

It’s important to initiate fun coaching drills for softball teams. If players enjoy what they do, it’s likely that they will improve faster and more efficiently. Make sure that players are challenged each time. It may be good to do the drills in the spirit of creating camaraderie.