List of Youth Lacrosse Drills to Build Skill and Promote Team Spirit

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Youth lacrosse drills are specifically designed to cater to the skills development of young lacrosse players. Most of these drills are basic and are for beginners, but there are also slightly advanced drills for young players who are ready to move on to higher levels in training. Here are some great youth lacrosse drills coaches and trainers can use with their young players.


Probably the most basic drill not only in lacrosse, but in other sports as well, running is a great way to improve the endurance of players. Young players should start running around an area that is bigger than what they are used to. This may make trainers look mean and too tough, but this will effectively improve the endurance of players. Two miles around the block should be enough for a starting point. Increase the distance if the players start improving their endurance for a more advanced endurance training. This drill is simple, hassle-free, and effective.

Ten Cones

In this drill, a player runs through 10 cones in a line with 5 yards between them. Every time the player passes a cone, they switch their stick with a ball to the other hand. This simple drill develops and improves stick handling of players. For a more advanced training using this drill, let the player use their weaker hand more than their stronger hand which is usually the right hand. Variations can be done for advanced training like adding more cones, changing the alignment of cones and letting players use different kinds of sticks.

One-on-One Defense

This drill requires one offensive player and one defensive player. The offensive player handles the ball with their stick and the defensive player’s task is to get the ball from the offensive player. Quickness of hands and ball handling skills are the targets of this drill. The two players can switch roles to let them develop their skills and become versatile players who are able to be on the offensive or the defensive, depending on what is required of them.

One-on-One Offense

Similar to the previous drill, this exercise requires two players, one offensive and the other defensive, going one-on-one with each other. This time, though, the offensive player should try to score a goal while the defensive player should be able to prevent it from happening. Like the previous one-on-one drill, the players can switch sides for equal development of skills in ball handling and quickness of hands. For variation, the drill can be turned into a 2-on-1 drill. A goalie can be added into the play to make the drill resemble a real game situation.

Against the Wall

In our last of these youth lacrosse drills, a player puts his back against a wall while holding a stick with a lacrosse ball. The object of this drill is to have the player cradle the ball, touching opposite sides of the wall as they move their arms horizontally, without dropping the ball. This drill improves a player’s stick handling, making sure that it is always vertical.


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