Softball Hitting Drills: Get a Great Workout and Improve your Hitting Skills

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Who says that staying in shape has to be all work and no play? The trick to staying in shape or losing weight is to do many of the activities you enjoy doing, and that you won‘t get bored with. Softball is a sport that can allow you to work out different parts of your body simultaneously, while helping you to increase your stamina on the field. Below is a list of softball hitting drills that will give you a full body workout.

Full Body Workout

Timing Drill- In this softball hitting drill, the batter is given one pitch after the other in succession. This batting drill helps the batter work in their timing. It also helps them work on techniques to keep them from dropping their shoulder when hitting the ball.

The person pitching the ball stands about 4 feet from the batter and lobs the ball about waist high at the batter. As soon as the batter hits the ball, the pitcher begins to throw another pitch. This action is repeated until all balls have been pitched.

This softball hitting drill is excellent for the waistline. Since it takes speed and accuracy to hit the ball, doing this repeatedly helps to burn maximum calories and engages the core muscles as well as the upper and lower back muscles.

Practice Cardiovascular Exercise and Engage the Lower Body

Drag Bunt Drill- A drag bunt drill is a great way to practice bat control and running speed. The way this drill works is the pitcher pitches the ball. As soon as the ball approaches the plate, the person bunts the ball as soon as the ball makes contact with the bat. Then the batter runs to first base.

This is a good drill to practice, when the main strategy of the hitter is to advance one of the runners on base. It is also an excellent workout for the lower body, since most of the activity involves running and speed.

Work Your Arms and Your Legs Simultaneously

Batting Drill to Learn How to Hit Different Pitches- One great softball hitting drill that teaches a batter how to hit any pitch, is the drill that teaches the batter how to to adjust their swing and compensate their body weight.

The batter takes his position in the batter’s box in order to complete this drill. The pitcher then mixes up the pitches and pitches them in a random order. This allows the batter to strategize how he will hit each pitch differently. For instance, a change up will cause the batter to have most of his weight on the front foot. The trick to here is to prevent the upper body from swinging the bat completely around the body.

Trying to stop from hitting the ball is a good workout because you are working the upper body, legs, and core all at the same time. Doing this drill for at least 15-20 minutes will give you a wonderful full body workout.

Have Fun with Hitting Drills

By following these helpful tips, staying in shape will only be a few bat swings away. Before you know it, you will start to notice a difference in your waistline. The other muscles, such as your upper back and lower back, may also start to feel the burn. These softball hitting drills are a great way to enjoy practicing physical fitness while having fun doing it.