Junior Netball Drills for Passing, Offense and Defense.

Junior Netball Drills for Passing, Offense and Defense.
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It’s all about Passing

Netball and junior netball is all about passing the ball from the player’s assigned location. Unlike basketball there is no dribbling and moving past a certain zone. The ball must be moved by passing. Here are a couple of drills for junior netball that will help young players learn the art of passing the ball.

The Quick Hands Drill

This junior netball passing drill helps players learn to relax and also improved upon their reflexes. With two players facing each other, the first player with the ball will make a strong chest pass to the other player. The receiving player will keep their arms and hands to the side until the ball is passed. They will then raise their arms to receive the pass. The passing player will not rest their arms at their sides and wait for the pass. To enhance this one you can have the players touch their hips before receiving the pass.

The See Saw Drill

This netball passing drill has 3 players and one ball. The two receivers will stand at the ends of an imaginary T. The passer will stand at the bottom of the T. The passer will then pass the ball straight up the middle of the T and one receiver will sprint to the middle to receive the pass and pass back to the passer. Repeat this for the other receiver. This junior netball drill works great for passing, cutting and pass / receiving coordination. To add some dodging skills to this drill, have a cone placed in front to the receiving players. Each receiver must perform a cut or reverse dodge before the pass to get free from the defense in order to receive the pass.

A Defensive Netball Drill.

netball defense

Start this netball drill with four players. Three players will stand in a triangle formation about three or four meters apart. One will be the passer and the other two will be the receivers. The fourth player is going to be the defense player and will stand slightly in front of and in-between the receivers. As the passer completes strong chest passes to one of the two receivers, the defense person is going to attempt to intercept the passes. For this junior netball drill make sure to distance the players according to their skill and experience. After the defense has intercepted five passes cleanly, then switch positions.

Numbered Netball Offense Drill


Divide the group into two teams of four and have each player represent a number from one to four. Only one third of the court will be used for this drill. Have the offense pass the ball to each player, but make sure they pass in sequence from one to four. The defense will try to intercept the ball and when they do the teams switch and the defense becomes the offense.


  • Defenders should always know where their player is and where the ball is.
  • Defenders should always be ready to intercept the ball.
  • Players need to work hard and be aggressive to keep the ball from the opposing team.
  • Always maintain balance for proper form and power on sprints and pivots.
  • Work on proper focus and concentration when passing and intercepting the ball.
  • Have fun.

By using these and other junior netball drills the players will learn the basic skills of netball while they become more experienced with the methods of play. These drills will help them practice to become better at the game and will increase their confidence and enjoyment of junior netball at the same time. Confidence and enjoyment of the game is what provides the challenge and fun of junior netball.

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