List of Drills for Netball Dodging Techniques.

List of Drills for Netball Dodging Techniques.
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A Simple Weaving Drill.

This simple netball dodging drill will help players learn and strengthen their weaving and dodging skills. Start by lining up cones or markers about 1 meter apart down a line. Have each player line up and the first netball player will run down the line weaving in between the markers to the end. Make sure to push-off with the outside foot when changing direction. At the end of the line the player will turn and face the team, then return through the line weaving in and out until they are back to the team. Go to the end of the line. Have the team complete this drill twice.

Netball Dodge the Feign

This is another dodging drill that requires practice to become smooth and convincing but works well. Line up 4 cones about 2 meters apart from each other. Have a the players line up 2 meters behind the first cone. The first player will sprint to the first cone stop and feign to the right, then move around the cone to the left. The player will do the same thing at each cone until they reach the end. Once finished they will turn around and reverse back to the team. This time they will feign to the left and move around the cone to the right. Have them do this netball dodging drill twice.

Reverse Pivot or Rolling Off


Start this dodging drill by having 4 players stand two meters apart in a staggered line. (two players on one line and two players down another imaginary line to form a zig zag pattern) The offensive player will start facing the first defender. Step to the right side, drawing the defender, and pivot on the stepping foot. Make a quick half turn with their back to the defender and sprint in the opposite defender towards the next defender in the line. Continue this with each of the four defenders. Reverse directions and return in the opposite direction starting off by stepping to the left side and sprinting to the right.

The Cone Trap

In this netball dodging drill set up two cones about 2 meters apart. Have two players, one attacker and one defender, stand between the two cones. There will also be a passer standing about four or 5 meters away. At the sound of the whistle, the attacker will attempt to dodge forward to receive the ball from the passer while the defender will try to stop the pass. Any dodging technique can be used to break away from the defender. This netball dodging drill is great for practicing all dodging methods in real-time scenarios.


  • Always keep the knees slightly bent for proper balance.
  • When feigning or pivoting transfer weight to the outside foot quickly.
  • Always maintain proper balance and keep your weight down low to generate powerful movements when changing direction or pivoting.

Dodging skills are essential in netball in order to get free from a defender and receive the pass. These netball dodging drills will help build speed and explosive power to help get away from defenders and free yourself up for the pass.

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