List of Softball Throwing Drills: See Great Results from These Throwing Drills

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List of Softball Throwing Drills

Being a great softball player is easy when the player has a list of softball throwing drills to practice every day. While there are many drills that are boring and repetitious, there are some that can add some fun to team practice time. Drills have to be repetitive. That’s why they work. Still, they don’t all have to be boring.

Check out these softball throwing drills and see how much the game improves once the drills have been practiced for a few weeks.

Hit The Bucket

This drill works on improving a player’s throwing accuracy.

Two stacked buckets are placed at home plate. Girls are lined up at the pitchers mound.

Each player will step forward and throw a ball towards home. If the ball hits the bucket on top with a bounced ball, the player is awarded a point. If the player hits the bucket on top with a direct hit, no bounce, the players is awarded 2 points.

Each player takes a turn. The first player to receive 6 points wins.

A Running Throw

While most players quickly become proficient at throwing from a still position, throwing when running is more difficult to learn. This drill will ensure the players become more comfortable throwing while they are on the move.

Line players up in two parallel lines facing each other, approximately 50-60 feet apart. Make sure they are not so close together that they will get hit from each others thrown balls.

On one side, the player will self-toss the ball just ahead of herself and run the few steps to catch it. Upon catching it, the player should continue moving and throw the ball to the player standing opposite in the line. The player who just threw the ball must step back to the original standing position.

The 2nd player, upon catching the ball, should complete the same steps that the 1st player just finished and then return the ball continuing the drill.

Control Pitch

This simple drill will help to improve ball control and pitch direction. It can be completed with a softball thrown to a pitchback or indoors with some type of rubber ball.

Standing sideways, flick the ball straight towards the pitchback or indoor wall. If thrown correctly, the ball will return back to the player. This should be done using the wrist for the throwing action. Windmill throws should not be used.

Practice this drill 10 minutes per day to see improvement in pitching control.


In the popcorn drill, players are practicing control and reaction time in their field throwing. While this drill is a basic one, players have fun with it and learn core softball skills without necessarily feeling like they are practicing a boring drill.

The girls will need to be in two groups lined up parallel to each other, approximately 40-60 feet. The 1st line will each have a ball that needs to be popped up high at the coach’s signal, caught and immediately thrown to the player in the 2nd line. When all the balls are in the players hands in the 2nd line, then the coach will again signal when to pop up the balls and the drill continues in the same way.

Take The Time To Do It Right

When the time is taken to complete a drill correctly, it makes the thrower a better softball player. Not only take the time, but make the time to practice the list of softball throwing drills given here. The benefit won’t only be for the player, but for the whole team.


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