Indoor Softball Drills to Improve Skill During Any Season

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Softball is a very popular recreational sport among females of all ages. Many adults both men and women play recreational softball on co-ed teams, male-only teams, or female-only teams as well. If you’re looking to improve your softball skills, here is a list of indoor softball drills that you can do even on the rainiest or coldest of days.

Types of Drills

  • Bunting Drill for Softball Catchers. This drill is done with the catcher dressed in appropriate gear with one person standing behind them. The person behind the catcher will roll the ball out in front of the catcher to simulate a batter bunting the ball.
  • Pitching Drill for Softball Pitchers. Pitching is an important position for a softball team and the more strikes the pitcher can throw the better. To execute this drill, the pitcher should concentrate on hitting each of the 4 corners of the strike zone. They will begin with one corner and move on to the next as they hit their target. This drill will help to improve accuracy enabling the pitcher to throw more pitches into the strike zone.
  • Fence Batting Drill for Hitters. The swing of the batter is the most important skill to have when you’re standing in the batter’s box. To practice swinging you start out by standing one bat’s length away from a wall or fence. Then you’ll proceed to swing the bat, keeping your hands high and concentrating on the knob of the bat. A good swing will never hit the wall or fence but rather come very close to it. Once you swing, run along the fence just as you would if you had to run to first base.
  • Double Play Drill. This next drill will focus on trying to turn a ground ball hit into a double play. This will be done by lining up batters and having a runner on first base and a batter in the batter’s box. The pitcher should throw pitches that are easy to hit so the batter can easily try to hit ground balls. Once a ground ball is hit, the runner at first will advance to second and the outfield will try to get the force at second and then try for the double play at first base. The runner on second base will return to the end of the batter’s line and the next batter will be up to hit.

Even if the weather isn’t cooperating outside, it’s still possible to practice indoor softball drills. You can practice pitching, hitting, swinging and catching without having to be outside. We all know that softball is a sport that is most enjoyed outdoors but practicing indoors to improve softball skills is better than not practicing at all.

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