How to Do the Swimming Breast Stroke

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An Introduction

The breast stroke is an old and traditional stroke among swimmers. It is the slowest stroke of them all however this does not mean that the breast stroke cannot be swum without power and speed.

Getting Started

The most important tip that can be given to someone who is attempting to swim the breast stroke is to try to keep their body level at the surface of the water. The swimmer should have their shoulders in line with each other and try to keep their hips flat in the water. Now that the swimmer is in position, they will need to try and move their hands and legs together as a frog does. This is the part of breast stroke that swimmers have the most trouble with as it may be difficult to move both the hands and legs in the same motion at the same time.

Tips to Synchronize the Legs

There are a few ways that can make swimming the breast stroke a little bit easier on the swimmer. One of them is to bend the knees and lift the feet up to their bottom. Another way people find helps them synchronize their feet is to turn their feet out. They do this so that they can push back with the bottom of their feet. Also, people who are swimming like to move their feet in and out trying to meet each other as they swim. Another tip for swimmers is to straighten their legs with their knees touching each other.

Tips for While You Are Swimming

Once one has started to swim, there are a few things to remember. By attempting these recommendations, the swimmer will be helping themselves perfect their technique.

When one is swimming, it is important to take long streches with their arms. This is done between each stroke. Ideally a swimmer will always be able to see their hands when they are swimming. If they can do this they will be able to keep an eye on their movements and get their arm actions right.

The most important aspect to swimming the breast stroke is timing. In order to get the stroke, the start, and the turn right the timing must be properly executed. Beginners should use a method called the glide. This means that the swimmer should take a short pause when their arms are fully extended and they have just kicked.

Quite simply, the best way a swimmer can learn the breast stroke is through practice. Once the basic movements have been learned, the swimmer can then go on to learn tips and tricks to improve their technique. The breast stroke is not an easy stroke but it is one that can be learned with patience and determination.