Learn About Netball Rules and Regulations

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Netball, like every other group sport, has a few simple rules to follow. Netball rules and regulations are not difficult to understand. Firstly, a game of netball is started when the umpire blows the whistle. This means that the game ends when the umpire blows the whistle again. The game is played over an hour and that hour is divided into four fifteen minute sections. When fifteen minutes are up, the teams switch sides of the court that they are playing on. Netball teams often play on concrete courts or indoors on courts that are similar to basketball courts. Netball is a game that is very similar to basketball, however it is played without dribbling the ball on the ground.

Instead, netball is played by passing the ball to team members, aiming to get it across the court without being intercepted by the other team. If this is achieved and the ball is shot into the basketball hoop, the team scores a point. Players all have specific positions to play and are restricted to certain areas of the court. What area one is restricted to is determined by what position they are playing. A player that is playing attack will often have someone from the opposing team defending them throughout the game.

The Positions Played in Netball

As previously stated in a game of netball players take there positions. Below is a list of player positions and what roles they play in the game of netball.

GS - Goal Shooter: The player playing this position is responsible for shooting goals. A goal shooter is restricted to the circle area around the hoop on a basketball court.

GA - Goal Attack: It is the goal attack’s role to give the goal shoot the ball and work with the goal shoot in order to score goals.

WA - Wing Attack: The wing attack is there to feed the ball to the players in the circle in order to give them chances to score goals.

C - Center: The center takes the center pass and links the attack and defense together.

WD - Wing Defense: It is the job of the wing defense player to intercept the ball and stop the opposing team’s wing attack from feeding the circle.

GD: Goal Defense: The goal defense is aiming to win the ball and stop the opposing team’s goal attack from scoring goals.

GK: Goal Keeper: The goal keeper works with the goal defense in order to try to stop the shooters from scoring goals.

Each team has players playing each of these positions. Every position has a player from the opposite team nearby in order to stop the player from attaining the ball.

How to Play Netball

Netball rules and regulations are easy to grasp. The way to think about how to play netball ball is simply that both teams are trying to get the ball across the court in order to score a goal It is the job of the opposing team to try to stop them.