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Improve Your Volleyball Skills and Have Fun With Practice Drills

written by: DulceCorazon • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 6/14/2010

Try some of these fun volleyball drills to help beginners understand the mechanics of the game and improve skills.

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    Fun volleyball drills can help players learn the necessary skills for volleyball in a fun and entertaining way. Here are some recommended volleyball drills that will help players learn volleyball skills like speed, endurance, strength and precision, and have fun while doing it.

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    Tip Drill

    Similar to the tip drill in baskteball, this drill requires players to tip the ball. The difference is instead of tipping the ball against a backboard or a wall, players will have to tip the ball over the net of a volleyball court right into the other side. This drill requires at least 4 players and is done by playing a regular volleyball game except all hits must be in the form of a tip. Tip drills help players improve their ability to react quickly in a precise manner, especially if more than 4 players are involved. Doing this drill will improve a player's precision, endurance and speed.

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    King/Queen of the Court

    For more experienced players or for teams who need to work on their team dynamics, this drill is a must. Teams of 3 will participate in a regulation game of volleyball. When a team loses after the game limit, which is based on an agreed upon score, is reached, they will be replaced by a new team of 3 to take on the winning team who are now crowned the kings and queens of the court. This drill is basically a series of short volleyball games that will help teams get acquainted with the rules and their team's communication. Doing this drill will improve a player's endurance, speed, precision and strength.

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    Jumping Exercise Relay

    To strengthen the legs and effectively improve one's vertical jump, a player can do drills like this. In a jumping exercise relay, several techniques can be implemented like squats, bunny hops, and jumping from a squat position. Making use of a soft surface to execute these techniques will be more beneficial. Doing this drill will improve a player's strength and endurance.

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    2 on 6 Volleyball Fun Drills

    This unique, fun, and challenging game is usually played by having only two players on one team and six players on the other team. Aside from being fun, this makes players learn how to communicate with each team member and also to develop several defensive skills. This game often helps build character and increases the level of playing difficulty.

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    Children's Drills

    For young people who want to get into volleyball, the first thing they need to learn is coordination and teamwork. Specialized drills are needed to teach them these things without making them lose attention. Some of these drills include The Name Game, Rapid Fire Music Drills, and One-on-One Serve-Hit Competition.

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