New Mexico Elk Hunting Facts

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Calorie Burn Factor

Hunting elk and similar animals like deer is a powerful calorie burner, according to sites like About and Bodybuilding. A 150-pound person could realistically burn at least 400 calories per hour of New Mexico elk hunting. This could make up for two cans of regular cola or beer that you might drink while out on your hunting adventure.

Significance of Licensing Regulations

If you aren’t a legal resident of New Mexico, then you have only a small chance of acquiring an elk hunting license on your own, according to the state’s Game and Fish website. About 12 percent of New Mexico elk hunting licenses awarded to nonresidents are the result of applications through a licensed outfitter. Approximately 10 percent of nonresident elk hunting licenses are granted to people who applied on their own.

Increasing Your Chances

Most applications for elk hunting request permission to use firearms, according to the New Mexico Game and Fish website. Thus, if you apply to use a muzzleloader or archery, you greatly increase your chances of being awarded an elk hunting license.

Outfitter Advantages

By securing a hunting guide, you won’t have to worry as much about finding legal lands on which to hunt. The outfitter also will handle your application process. Several hunting guides, including Moon Valley Outfitters and Jaco Outfitters, also handle your transportation, accommodations, and meals. They can also help you follow any required tagging guidelines; some even take photos of your hunt as well as pack and dress your kills.

Additional Application Facts

If you’re fortunate enough to garner one of these highly prized New Mexico elk hunting licenses, then you must switch your focus to following all applicable gaming laws during your vacation. While the elk hunting application deadline is subject to change each year, it usually occurs in early April. The 2010 New Mexico elk hunting license application deadline was April 7th. New Mexico Game and Fish officials accept online and paper applications but encourage resident and nonresident hunters alike to take advantage of the online process.

Elk Season Time Frame

The New Mexico elk hunting season is usually held on select dates in September, October and November. The specific dates each year depend upon which type of guided hunting trip you select. For example, trips that pursue elks with a bow could take place during the “any legal sporting arm” dates as well as additional “bow only” dates. Those hunters with muzzleloaders also can choose from “muzzleloader only” guided hunting dates.

Bagging Limits

Generally, you can only legally kill one elk per day, according to the New Mexico Game and Fish website. Your license may also permit you to kill mature bull; if this applies you can only kill one per day and may not legally bag any spike bull. You can increase your odds of bagging a bull by being in optimal physical shape before your hunting trip, according to the Moon Valley Outfitters website.

Firewood Warning

Do not bring any firewood into New Mexico from another state while hunting elk or any other game on your own or within a guided trip. New Mexico Game and Fish officials warn that this can introduce potentially destructive insects and pests into the forests, which ultimately reduces available hunting opportunities for everyone. Since some outfitters sponsor elk hunts in the Gila and Cibola National Forests, you should especially follow this state regulation.

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