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Whistler Mountain Biking at its Best

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 3/30/2010

Whistler Mountain biking opportunities up in British Columbia, Canada are the cream of the crop for rugged bikers up to the challenges of steep terrain and the rigors of the trail. But novices can also find great riding, so read on to be enticed into planning a trip soon.

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    Cruise the Whistler Way on a Mountain Bike

    Exceptional Whistler Mountain biking opportunities await enthusiasts of all skill levels from novice (including the whole family) to the advanced extremist. Whistler is the now legendary ski resort nestled north of Vancouver, British Columbia in the southwest portion of Canada. What a gorgeous area it is to bring along or rent mountain bikes to see sweeping vistas of high mountain scenery around every bend in the road. Literally brings your fitness endeavors to a whole new level.

    Although rigorous pedaling to crest a hill is going to require that you be in really good shape, there are also ample opportunities for pleasure cruisers to get their heart rates up on the roads and not the trails on flat or moderately hilly terrain the entire family can handle. You can work as hard as you want, but remember the reward for getting up that incline with your heart pounding and your lungs hungry for crisp, clean mountain air after you reach the top and get to bomb down the mountain teetering on the edge of control.

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    Reminders of the Reasons Why We Ride

    Yesterday was the first day spring afforded me the opportunity to awake my own bike from its long slumber in the hobby shed in order to ride it up a long gradual Montana dirt road. On the return trip with the wind whipping and the mud flying, I suddenly realized that aside from getting a worthy workout in, I was also returning to the carefree splendor of the twelve year old inside.

    For the rugged initiated, Whistler provides the way for all sorts of experiences like that on single tracks. If you love the steep declines you can hop a chair lift to the top and take your chances going down a black diamond or choose a meandering switch back route. They’ve even got a terrain park exclusively for mountain bikers that is similar in concept to what snowboarders use to do their impressive aerial displays. Novices heading to Whistler and wanting to try their hand at mountain biking should read about the basics in How to Ride a Mountain Bike.

    Bright Hub offers a lot of topics that cover a spectrum which could very well encompass all of your interests. For instance, we have a channel dedicated solely to the latest GPS and navigation technology. I mention this here because it’s worth noting that you can combine your love for exercising while straddling two wheels on a rocky trail with the GPS assisted treasure hunting known as geocaching. Read all about that in The Mountain Biking Geocaching Connection to see if it’s the kind of dual-purposed outing which might appeal to you.

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    Best Resources to Plan your Whistler Mountain Biking Trip

    Whistler Biking Hopefully you’re convinced by now that a trip to Whistler for an unforgettable mountain biking excursion should be added to your list of things to do. So where do you get the best details to plan this unparalleled outdoor adventure? Start with the keepers of the mountain itself at and specifically at this dedicated mountain biking page aptly titled Two Wheels and a Heartbeat. Bikes are in our Blood. From there you’ll get all the trail information, accommodation listings, video tours, bike rentals (human guides are available too), their legendary bike park, along with the annual monster biking festival they host, all in one place. Although obviously biased, they state there that they’re the home of some of the best single-track in the world.

    So if you want to check out another source of information, go to for news, gear reviews and all other things related to this fantastic outdoor sport. May all your rides be epic and injury free no matter where you roam.

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