Stress Relief Exercises: The Vital Keys

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Thoughts: Your Most Powerful Equipment for Stress Relief Exercises

Reward yourself for your efforts; every time you engage yourself in any kind of workout regimen. While you’re grunting your way through your daily grind routine; keep your eyes on the prize, the reason you’re staying in shape. There are too many to mention in this brief article but our Bright Hub Fitness Channel will give you all the inspiration and staying power you will need to embrace your efforts.

You know it makes you feel good when you put the effort in and you’re the best judge of the mental strategies you need to use to keep you going. But here is a key; use your thoughts positively, and when your routine is done, tell yourself that you did a good job, that you pulled through yet again so that you are worthy of embracing the dedication to the fire inside. It may sound silly, but your thoughts, when used constructively and to encourage, are your greatest allies. And most people, when they begin making a conscious effort to monitor what they’re thinking, are going to find thoughts that are negative and counter-productive.

Enjoying a good day hike every once in a while is one great way to reward yourself because while you’re out there enjoying nature’s bounty, you’ll realize that it’s more satisfying because you’re in good shape, able to pack on the miles with your strong lungs and legs so that it feels good when your body starts releasing those endorphins. Refer to Leave your Angst at the Trailhead: Hiking for Your Health to get you motivated for that phenomenal journey. Find out for yourself how this exercise reduces stress so effectively.

Self-care and Your Oldest Friend

While you want to of course push yourself to always improve upon your personal best, never forget to thank your body for what it does for you after every work out. Your body is the oldest friend you’ve got so take care of it in the way that a tried, true, and trusted friend should be treated. In this matter you will start to automatically combine the act of exercise with the result of alleviating stress. One huge pit fall is to think in terms of what your body can’t do. That kind of thinking will do you no good and it’s self-defeating.

Comparing yourself to others is also a path that can lead to preventing your exercise program from being as fruitful as it can be or even fizz out your fitness endeavors altogether. It causes stress. Constantly work to get stronger, incrementally, and don’t worry about how much better someone else might appear to be. Self-acceptance is the well you want to draw from deeply. Otherwise you will become your own worst enemy. Have the courage to accept what you have for physical capabilities and the fortitude to improve on what can be improved. Suiting up and showing up is 90 percent of the battle. Competition is great but in due time, with age, you will get beat no matter who you are, so work on making yourself the best version of yourself you can be in the space and time you’re occupying. Relax and have fun and you’ll be managing fear (masked in so many ways) wisely. Remaining committed to your program will go a long way toward relieving stress.

Physical Exercises

Any exercising you can do are going to help you relieve stress but optimally you want to get over 20 minutes a day. Walk it off. Go for a brisk walk preferably in a park or on a nature trail. Jogging or running will work too. The best solution is to get yourself involved consistently in yoga, Pilates, or aerobics. Join a class or buy a DVD of one to follow along with at home. Your body stores a lot of stress in tight muscles and the stretching you do in yoga is the best way to release it and learn to cultivate the relaxation that comes with sustained concentration of this unbelievably valuable practice. Relief begins with awareness of how your body works. This channel has a whole chapter dedicated to finding the type of yoga that is most appealing and useful for you. The syncopated breathing involved in yoga may just be the best antitdote out there for stress so get lost in it as soon as you can.

Get yourself to a punching bag or a modified punching bag. Chop some would, that’s a great tension reliever.