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Choosing Exercise and Fitness Programs for Cancer Patients

written by: AlyssaAst • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 4/29/2011

Exercise and fitness programs for cancer patients are very beneficial when it comes to improving the outcome of treatment. The benefits of exercise as a treatment for cancer come in many forms. Exercise for cancer patients is vital for a patients recovery.

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    Recently, it has been concluded exercise and fitness programs benefit a cancer patients recovery, reducing symptoms of treatment and promoting health. The benefits of exercise as a treatment for cancer depends on the type of exercise or fitness program a patient chooses. When choosing exercise programs, there are many questions that must be taken into consideration.

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    Exercise for Cancer Patients

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    Preparation for Exercise

    Prior to beginning an exercise program, it is important to discuss your options with a doctor. A doctor will determine if a cancer patient is healthy enough to begin exercise and fitness programs. Extra precautions may need to be taken while a person undergoing cancer treatment takes part in physical activity. If a patient with cancer has high risk factors for further complications as a result of exercise, it will be recommended the patient works with an exercise therapist or a physical therapist.

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    What's the Best Program for ME?

    When choosing exercise and fitness programs there are a few components of exercising to keep in mind. Exercise for cancer patients should include programs and routines that strengthen the heart muscle. It should also strengthen the muscles of the body. Exercise programs should also include workouts that allow the body to remain flexible. The benefits of exercise as a treatment for cancer will be accomplished if these components are met.

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    Dance Therapy

    Dance therapy is a great option for cancer patients. This form of therapy connects the mind and the body with one another. Dance therapy is great to use when battling cancer because dance therapists can specially design programs to fit an individuals physical capabilities. This form of exercise can be done individually or as a group activity.

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    Yoga is a wonderful activity for patients undergoing cancer treatments to participate in. It involves relaxing movements, controlled breathing techniques, and increased flexibility. There are many different forms of yoga that can be used to benefit women with cancer. Yoga is a great way to improve physical fitness and overall muscle strength.

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    Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is another great exercise program to participate in if you have cancer because it is very similar to yoga. It involves using special breathing techniques, meditation, and works well to relieve stress. It does not require as much physical strength as the exercises involved with yoga but produces the same benefits.

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    Tips to Remember

    When undergoing treatment for cancer, it is important to remember to begin any exercise program slowly. It should feel safe and not cause any unnecessary strain on the body. The exercise program you choose should be kept an enjoyable experience and you should not feel forced to participate in it.

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