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Barley Green as a Cancer Cure

written by: Stephanie Mojica • edited by: Lisa Lambson • updated: 8/18/2010

Barley green pills are thought to be an effective cancer cure by some holistic practitioners. Barley green promotes an alkaline body chemistry, which some cancer survivors state has reversed even terminal conditions.

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    Barley green pills are believed to be an effective cancer treatment and even cure by some patients as well as holistic medicine practitioners. The pills help create an alkaline state in the body, as opposed to acidic, and some herbalists believe that cancer cannot grow or spread in an alkaline body. There are several testimonials and studies published on the Internet regarding the efficacy of barley green pills in reversing even the most hopeless cancer conditions.

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    Case Study

    A man named Bob Davis has published articles on the Internet stating he had cancer twice and used barley green pills to reverse his condition. The first time he had cancer, he underwent intensive chemotherapy which was weakening his body. His doctor agreed another treatment might kill him. Almost by accident, he realized that the barley green pills he had intended for his wife's arthritis could possibly cure his cancer. Within 10 days, the cancer was 95 percent gone and his next CT scan showed he was cancer-free.

    A few years late, Davis had the beginnings of prostate cancer. He informed his doctor he would be taking barley green pills again then discussed treatment. The cancer disappeared, according to Davis, with the pills. He now takes 20 200 mg pills a day and has a 95 percent vegan diet, and has been free of cancer and other ailments ever since.

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    Davis is in his 80s now, and feels barley green pills restored his impaired vision to 20/20. However, even he warns that fighting cancer has no guarantees. There have been some cases where terminal cancer has been healed through taking barley green pills and a positive state of mind, and other cases where it has not worked. All holistic remedies greatly depend on the individual's body chemistry as well as cancer state, and cannot be guaranteed.

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    Barley green pills are an affordable remedy to try. Some may also prefer trying the powders, and it usually costs about $1 a day, or about $30 a month, to take the supplements. Barley green has been proven more effective for arthritis, and can also benefit these patients.

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