Alternative Ways to Prevent Cancer

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Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese

Dr. Budwig came up with a special diet mixture as a way to prevent cancer that combines flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. Flaxseed oil is a popular natural preventative treatment for cancer due to the Omega-3s in it. It’s complex, but basically flaxseed oil can oxidize cells which can help kill cancer cells.

Dr. Budwig’s Recipe is:

1 cup organic cottage cheese

2-5 tablespoons flaxseed oil

1-3 tablespoons ground up flaxseed

Water (to make it soft)

If you can’t stand the taste, you can add a little garlic, red pepper and/or cayenne to the mixture. Try to eat it once a day.

There is some question about the validity of this diet, so talk to you care provider before starting it.

Green Tea and Cancer

Green tea is a popular preventative treatment for cancer. Green tea contains antioxidants (specifically epigallocathechin gallate or EGCG) that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are a big cause of cancer cells. To learn more about green tea and cancer, click here.

Improve your Diet

Everyone knows the importance of healthy eating. Eating healthy foods is very important for cancer patients. Not only will a healthy diet help you deal with any of the side effects from treatments, but it may actually help you recover from the cancer. Cancer patients need to increase their fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They also may want to consider reducing the amount of meat they eat and eating more foods high in Omega-3s (such as flaxseed oil). Cancer patients also need to increase their protein intake. An easy way to do this is with protein powders. Ask to speak to a nutritionist for more information to create a diet for you that will help you deal with your cancer symptoms.

Proteolytic Enzymes

If you’re looking for something that may help to kill cancer cells try proteolytic enzymes. Proteolytic enzymes break proteins down helping to kill cancer cells. Speak to your care provider about which enzymes would work for you. The best way to take the enzymes is in pill form.

Modified Citrus Pectin

Modified citrus pectin (MCP) comes from the peels of citrus fruit. Basically it binds to something called galectins, which make the cancer cells stick together. If the cancer cells can’t stick together they can’t metastasize. You can take MCP in a powder form dissolved in water. Speak to your care provider for more information.


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The information in this article should not be considered medical advice. The information in this article is not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure any ailment. Always check with your physician before taking any products or following any advice you have read on Always consult your doctor before you start, stop or change anything that has been previously prescribed. Certain herbs and holistic remedies are unsuitable to take if you are pregnant or nursing and must always be cleared by your doctor before use.