Touch Screen Technology for Cancer Patients

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Pain management, especially for cancer patients is very important in modern medicine. Since a patient is often unable to explain their level or location of pain, a new technology has been adapted to assist in pain management. Touch screens have been used in shopping, banking and even gambling for several years, and is now the latest method of pain relief for cancer patients.

What is Touch Screen Technology?

Touch Screen Technology is a computer program that does not require a cursor to operate. The pressure of a finger tip on symbols that appear on the computer screen is enough to create the necessary effect. Whether it’s on numbers to indicate an amount of money or a symbol to raise or lower a gambling bet, it’s very simple to do. Adapting this technology to medicine was a stroke of genius.

Because this technology is so simple, Touch Screen Technology will offer a more relaxing alternative to trying to explain pain levels. Anyone can use this comprehensive tool and the doctors will be able to understand their patients a little better.

How Can Touch Screen Technology Benefit Cancer Patients?

Touch Screen Technology is proving to be a great benefit to cancer patients as it allows them to specify the location and amount of pain they are in, even if they have trouble articulating it. With the touch of a finger tip they can tell their doctor where it hurts and how much it hurts.

Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital in Australia is using Touch Screen tecnhology to help their cancer patients. “Up to one in four patients exceeds pain and distress thresholds,” said Dr. Kerry Clover, from the Centre for Brain and Mental Health. “Using this type of technology helps us more rapidly diagnose patients, so we can ensure they get required treatment and support as quickly as possible.”


Many different types of technology are being adapted to use in modern medicine. Touch Screen Technology is one more way that computers are being applied to diagnostics and pain management. Australia is on the cutting edge of using this new technology to benefit cancer patients. Being able to have the patient communicate with the physician accurately and effectively is the key to pain control and enhances the possibilities of recovery for cancer patients. The old style tools that doctors once used are being replaced with computerized methods as science advances.