Carob Health Benefits the Human Body in Many Ways

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What is Carob?

Carob, or Ceratonia siliqua, is part of the legume family and is known as one of the many infamous super foods. In many parts of the world, carob pods are prepared various ways and used as an herb or spice or for its medicinal properties. Its taste is very similar to chocolate, but it is not as sweet and contains less saturated fat and calories than chocolate. It is also used in a variety of organic dishes. Carob also provides us with numerous benefits for our health. To learn more about carob health benefits, continue reading.

Carob Health Benefits

Carob inhibits digestive enzymes because it contains chemicals known as tannins. It has also been reported to help with weight loss, diabetes and manage cholesterol levels. In addition, carob pulp also has a large amount of phenolic anti-oxidants.

Carob and Weight Loss

Carob may increase fat oxidation and energy expenditure in humans. This means that carob may help to burn fat and calories in the body. It also has beneficial effects on postprandial lipid metabolism related to hormones in the stomach; this means that it helps to increase the metabolism by positively affecting the secretion of hormones in the stomach.

Carob and Digestion

Carob pulp is rich in insoluble dietary fiber, which helps us stay regular and have a high level of energy–as opposed to feeling irregular and sluggish.

Carob and Benefits for Diabetes

There is good reason to believe that carob may also be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, since it has a tendency to reduce blood glucose and insulin levels.

Carob and Cholesterol

Other benefits of carob include its ability to lower high cholesterol levels in the blood. This is done by lowering not only serum cholesterol, but also serum triglycerides.

Carob and Antioxidants

Carob fiber contains a large amount of phenolic antioxidants. Phenolic antioxidants help protect the body from diseases which are a result of cell oxidation caused by free radicals.

This legume has a variety of health benefits for the human body. What is great about carob is that it can be prepared many different ways and has many uses. Depending on how carob is used and how it is prepared, it can help the body with different health issues.

Carob health benefits the body by being an ideal weight loss supplement; it also supplies people with a good healthy dose of fiber and may be the perfect dietary supplement for a person with diabetes. In addition, carob also helps lower high cholesterol levels, and supplies the body with very powerful antioxidants called phenolic antioxidants, which help the body ward off diseases. So, the next time you are interested in trying a new spice, try some carob. Add carob chips to your homemade cookies, or coffee, and you may just be pleasantly surprised.


Photo Credit: Tree-Species