Discover the Miracle Berry that Turns Sour to Sweet

Discover the Miracle Berry that Turns Sour to Sweet
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Introducing the West African Red Berry

A tease for the taste buds, the West African Red Berry tricks the tongue into thinking acidic or sour foods are actually sweet. It satisfies the sweet tooth without using sugar. An amazing find, this little berry was discovered by local tribesman in West Africa, who picked these berries from bushes and chewed them before meals. This little magic berry seems to be starting diet fads and crazy tasting parties.

This small red berry is low in sugar and has an outer fleshy pulp, that when chewed, coats your tongue. Its Latin name is Synsepalum dulcificum and it temporarily fools your taste buds. The berry contains a protein called Miraculin that binds to the receptors on your taste buds. The acid in foods like vinegar, lemons, and pickles also binds to the open end of the Miraculin, and make these sour foods taste sweet by triggering the sweet receptors on the tongue. In essence, your brain senses sweet, even though you are eating sour foods. This effect lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

The demand for this magic fruit is growing as word has spread through the media and talk shows. Cultivators can’t grow the berry fast enough to keep up with buying trends and are experiencing backlogs in supply. The fruit requires warm weather in order to grow and prefers South Florida as its second home. The bushes the berries grow on are evergreen plants, and can reach a height of up to 20 feet. Generally, the bushes produce two berry crops per year after the end of the rainy season.

The berry is like the gatekeeper of acidic foods; it only allows the sugar to come through to have a party in your mouth. Bartenders and party-goers alike have been experimenting with this berry for some time. If you don’t have easy access to the fruit itself, Miracle Fruitworld sells tablets consisting of freeze dried berry powder, and sold in blister packs. The packet is called “Miracle Frooties” and comes in two packet sizes. This is by far a more cost effective alternative, as the shelf life of freeze dried berries are 10-18 months versus fresh berries that only last two to three days.

Possibly A Great Alternative to Natural Sweeteners

How is this Magic Piece of Fruit Helping Cancer Patients?

This berry can be a godsend to cancer patients, as the Miraculin protein inside of the fruit masks the bitter metallic aftertaste of some chemotherapy medicines. Because chemotherapy alters cancer patients sense of taste, they tend not to eat because the food tastes bad. Patients generally lose a lot of weight and don’t have the motivation to get out of bed. They just don’t have the strength from the lack of food. That’s where this beautiful red berry comes into play - it can temporarily make food taste better again. The protein in this fruit is named appropriately, because this berry provides a miraculous feat of brain and taste bud trickery.

Aside from its entertainment factor, the berry is actually being included in clinical studies at Mt. Sinai’s Cancer Center in Miami. Oncologists are optimistic that perhaps this fruit can help chemotherapy patients enjoy food again and serve to bolster nutritional intake.

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