The Truth Behind Eggs

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Truth Behind Eggs

Over the years eggs have been criticized for not being healthy for people. Researchers have claimed that eggs could raise cholesterol and then possibly create heart problems. Then studies showed that eggs were needed in your daily regimen and could actually be good for you. So what it the truth behind the eggs?

Eggs have both good and bad sides to them when being consumed. The main thing to watch for with eggs is the yolk because it is the fatty part of the egg and can possibly raise your cholesterol level. Eating too much yolk can also cause some weight gain, so if you are trying to watch your weight it may be best to not indulge in too much yolk.

The egg whites however, are supposed to be pretty good for you. Egg whites consist of mostly water and protein and roughly no cholesterol or fat. Sticking to just egg whites or egg alternatives (egg beaters) may be the best bet if you are looking for the healthiest solution.

Too much egg consumption can lead to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. A study conducted by Physicians’ Health Study I and Women’s Health Study showed that daily egg consumption could bring a greater risk of type 2 diabetes. However, other studies showed that daily consumption of eggs did not seem to increase any potential risk for heart disease.

All health experts suggest that in order to not subject yourself to contamination, you should make sure that you cook your eggs thoroughly before eating it. You should probably steer clear from Mom’s left over mixing bowl that contains brownie mix and a raw egg too. Although it may be tasty to lick the bowl, you could possibly get sick from the contaminated egg since it is not cooked.

Eggs seem to have good and bad sides to them, and it seems that if consumed in moderation, you should be able to get all the health and nutrient benefits available and possibly stay away from any risks associated with eggs.


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